Bio Instructor Spotlight: Susie Rogers

Hello world! My name is Instructor Susie Rogers, and I teach at Choe’s HapKiDo & iLoveKickboxing Cumming! I became a 2nd Black Belt Degree in 2016, and I have loved every step of my journey in HapKiDo.

I was first inspired to start martial arts after watching my husband, Scott, and two sons, Alex and Zane, participate. When I joined, I started a belt behind my family members. But in 2013, a super exciting moment happened to our family: three of us tested at the same time and earned our first degree black belts (the youngest was injured and tested just a couple of months later.) Amazingly, Zane and I have continued on and are both second degree black belts. I say this with gratitude, that I would not be where I am today if it were not for my family and big HapKiDo team.

HapKiDo has definitely boosted my confidence level in leading my life. Before HapKiDo, I was comfortable being in the background. Now, stepping out to instruct a fitness class is easier. Growing in confidence has also led me to start my own massage therapy practice. I am also part of a group of massage therapists that work on professional athletes. In addition to refining my HapKiDo skills, I enjoy being inspired to continue growing in my career.

Overall, teaching is my passion. I enjoy watching people accomplish a goal after they thought the success was impossible. My greatest encourager is my husband, and homeschooling our three children is probably where I started sharpening my teaching skills. If anything, teaching kids gives me great pleasure. Helping people is what I love to do.


Other Occupation: A Licensed Massage Therapist, i.e. I work as a private massage therapist as well as one for a professional sports team

Family: Husband named Scott, children named Abi, Alex, and Zane

Pets: A furry mutt named Delaney

Current goal: Refining HapKiDo techniques