Choe’s HapKiDo Presents: Holidays & Eating in Moderation

All year, we do great with our goals. But then the holidays or the spiel of parties come around, and we end up losing it. We feel obligated to stop by the sweets table and make sure they are safe for the kids. And maybe the buffet is loaded with all the savory appetizers of all the meatballs and potatoes. And perhaps the dessert and the bite-sized snacks didn’t get you, but maybe you caved in to the many helpings of that mac and cheese. But the truth is ALL of that snacking and treating is okay. As you may have heard before, moderation is the key. This way, you can bake your cake and eat it, too. This holiday, brainstorm some eating in moderation techniques so that you can be festive guilt-free. And this way, you won’t have to worry about bulging up in holiday weight gain.

5 Tips on Eating in Moderation for the Holidays:

1) Drink water an hour before you eat.

Research shows that drinking water before you eat makes us feel full. And honestly, we often eat more than we drink. We may be walking around full but feeling hungry, but it’s really us being dehydrated. Another tip: if you don’t feel like eating an apple, you may be more thirsty than hungry.

2) Eat small meals throughout the day.

Another way to look at eating in moderation is to try smaller meals. The greatest eating tip out there! Our metabolisms have to work harder and may slow down when digesting larger meals. Eating smaller meals throughout the day forces our metabloisms to “workout” more. And plus, if you eat a small, nutritious meal before a party, you won’t feel so inclined to pig out.

3) When loading up your plate, fill half the tray with veggies and fruit.

Studies show that veggies and fruit make you full. Plus, they are light and not greasy. This way, you can balance the good and treat eating from a party.

4) If possible, select a small plate to load up.

A small plate helps us with portioning. Honestly, one or two bites are enough for a dessert. They are just as satisfying as a whole slice, and they taste the most delicious!

5) Eat some fibrous foods.

Fibrous foods such as apples are great to eat before a large meal because they make you feel full. If you’re going out food shopping, eat an apple so you don’t go buying crazy. And if you’re going to a party, snack on an apple before heading over.

In general, eating in moderation is a great system for all year around. It’s not a form of punishment or a special diet. It more becomes a lifestyle the way to treat food. We ALL love food, and it’s easy to get carried away. But if we are health conscious or suddenly have to change our diets because of health problems, it’s important to develop strategies so that we can be disciplined but still enjoy every bite.

And if all else fails, you can always add exercise like iLoveKickboxing or Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts to your week to maintain a healthy balance between eating and physical activity.

Take care of yourself!

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