Shape Up for the Holidays with iLoveKickboxingGeorgia!

Who is worried about the holiday gain? If we’re not careful, the weight can slowly add up the day after Thanksgiving. But no fear! iLoveKickboxing is here! The kickboxing instructors at I Love Kickboxing Georgia are here to assist you during the holidays. This bag-hitting-adrenaline-rushing workout is incredible for anyone who wants to trim or keep off the holiday weight, to tone up the muscles,  and to be excited about going to workout.

With all of the occasions that pop up this time of year, adding a little kickboxing into the mix of festivities allow individuals to be in more control of weight gain. As a result of the I Love Kickboxing Georgia program, an individual can expect to gain confidence for holiday portraits and to feel fabulous in any outfit.

Kickboxing Instructors at Training!

Members experience better results when they come to iLoveKickboxingGeorgia 1-3 times a week.

With the business of the holidays, it’s difficult to make a habit of working out. But we believe that if you put working out or even your health as a priority, you become determined to make it to class. Plus, you won’t be exercising by yourself. Join the group of awesome kickboxers! Everyone loves the awesome workout partner drills.

You look fabulous year-round.

iLovekickboxing workouts are not only for the winter holidays or even summer vacation. If you keep coming to class all year, worrying about your outfits or bikini is off your list. The confidence in your step comes naturally because you personally feel great about yourself.

You inspire those around you.

You never know who is looking up to you until you start making positive changes. If it’s your kids, friends, or co-workers, they take notice the changes you go through because that what loved ones do.  We hear often through our kickboxers that once they started taking care of themselves, soon someone else they know is following their footsteps. We are a community that believes that we can all get healthy together!

What are you waiting for? Check out I Love Kickboxing Georgia for more details on classes and special holiday deals!