Shape Up Fitness Kickboxing Rocks!

Shape Up Fitness Kickboxing Changes Lives!

We teach martial arts classes, but we understand that not everyone wants to go head to head with someone during a workout. This is why we offer an even cooler option for you—Shape Up Fitness Kickboxing! As a result of this opportunity, you too can learn the great effects of an outstanding workout program. You get to leave our studio confident, while looking and feeling fabulous.

Shape Up Fitness kickboxing classes are unique, fun workouts that reel in multiple benefits within one class.  Benefits include slimmer waist lines, stronger arms and back, toned thighs, a well-sculpted core, and more. What’s more is that you develop confidence and self-respect. With a new shining coat of confidence—sweat and all—people outside of class will turn their heads. They will wonder what’s your secret of suddenly being strong, beautiful, and confident.

What makes fitness kickboxing a unique program is that it’s a workout mixed with martial arts and competitive kickboxing. And when you get to apply techniques from both fields, you realize you have the most fun doing so. Each class is 45-minutes, and the way you feel at the end of each class is amazing.

Not only are these classes fast high-calorie burning workouts, the combination of two competitive sports make for a winning workout. You don’t have to worry about getting punched or kicked at. You can focus on a great workout by hashing it all out on a large-body-sized wavemaster. The only competition is yourself!

Overall, Shape Up Fitness Kickboxing is something that you can easily commit to because you will love it. You will also love the new energy gained, and you will look at life better.

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