HapKiDo Martial Arts Influences Kids to Get Off the Couch


We are HapKiDo Martial Arts Instructors, but a great number of us are parents. As we work with our kid groups, we notice a common trend among the parents–How do we get our kids off the couch? With all the devices with their game apps, TV shows, movies, and video games, the kids can get carried away with how much time they are spending vegging out. Here are a few things we as instructors/parents have noticed that have changed our kids.

HapKiDo Martial Arts Has Taught Our Kids to…

Enjoy Activities that Involve Zero Electronics.

When your child comes to class, they are automatically giving up one hour of TV time for exercise. From the beginning of the class and to the end, the students are required to stay focused and to pay attention to the instructor. Throughout the class, they get to practice different kicking techniques, self-defense techniques, tumbling methods, and much more. Our students also love coming to class because they get to see their friends. So in addition to having fun, they expand on the their social skills.

Love Exercising.

Even when we’re not in class, our students enjoy practicing martial arts techniques at home. Class time allows them to practice with instructors, while home practice increases their confidence. It’s like having music or dance lessons. The extra practice outside of the lesson makes for a better session. And the best part of martial arts, our kids see it as something they can do in their spare time. They love it just as much (and possibly more) than TV.

Be More Disciplined

When children find a reason to care about their work, they become more self-driven. They realize that some tasks are more important at the given time. These skills are great to develop at this age as they become teens/adults.

HapKiDo Martial Arts
HapKiDo Martial Arts

It is safe to say that HapKiDo Martial Arts has positively affected our kid groups in the studio, but also our personal kids. When they come home from school and are excited about going to class, we cannot help but be excited with them. We love martial arts, and we greatly enjoy how it has changed the environment of our homes. Our kids even volunteer to do house chores without being asked. We remember the days when that was impossible!

From parent to parent, do yourselves a favor and introduce your family to HapKiDo Martial Arts! We offer classes that group different age groups, and there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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