Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts HapKiDo – April Showers Bring

Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts – Not sure how you felt this week about the weather, but all the sunny days were a nice break from all the rainy ones last week. Even though those rainstorms may have interfered with our plans, the grounds greatly benefited from them. The pollen residue on our cars and on top of the park lakes were washed off, and any sown seeds were nourished. Now, the seeds that were planted earlier will have a shot at blooming.

Similar to how the planted seeds have a chance to blossom, students here at Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts have the ability to grow in all wonderful directions. What our students put into their training now, they excitedly reap later. These great practices pour into developing excellent work habits in the long-run. Especially if the students begins at a young age, they continue those work ethics as adults.

How do our martial arts students achieve success?

At Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts, children are able to develop characteristics that benefit them as they grow older.

5 Lessons that Students Walk Away with Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts

1. Attitude

It’s easy to get frustrated, and students learn how to calm down. Through meditation and deep breathing learn in Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts, they learn the value of staying cool headed and directing energy at the current task.

2. Persistence

How often students practice martial arts affect how they perform. Whether it’s a little time every day or a few days a week, each day of training adds up.

3. Hard Work

Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts students could choose to make practice easy, but then they learn how much more they can do with a little challenge. If they are able to push through learning a complex flying, snapping kick or a higher level flip, they reap their hard earned efforts.

4. Humbleness

On a bad day, students realize that they can brush off the dirt and try again. Plus, there is always something to learn, even not on our best days. And eventually, the bad ones become our favorite times when the goal is achieved. The bad ones make the better ones the best.

5. Focus

There could be a million things that could distract a student. With Gwinnett HapKiDo Martial Arts training, s/he learns how much more is achieved when staying focused. When s/he learns how to control the mind in training, s/he is able to apply this practice in school. As a result, the student receives better grades, is happier, and more confident.

* * *

The time gap that kids have is precious because what they learn will shape them. What they learn now becomes their foundation. So as parents, teachers, and coaches, we can give them the tools to help them succeed in all parts of life.

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