The Secret to Goal Reaching – HapKiDo Martial Arts Georgia

HapKiDo Martial Arts Georgia— When it comes to reaching goals, it’s definitely easier to start them than to meet them. Why? Because reaching goals require consistent efforts. The moment we stop pursuing them, the finish line can also be prolonged. So how can we be sure that we will reach our goals? Through the influences of what HapKiDo Martial Arts Georgia continually teaches us, we can observe that reaching goals require strong discipline.

With goals, we can talk about how much we would like to reach them all day, and we can make a jump start on them. And we can also say that working hard is a must. But when we apply discipline, hard work and persistence suddenly have more meaning.

For instance, here some questions to consider:

  1. How many times a week are you going to spend time putting in the hard work?
  2. What are you willing to put aside in your life so to make the time?
  3. How important is it to reach your goals?
  4. What results are you hoping or expecting to achieve?

As HapKiDo Martial Arts Georgia and perhaps other sports and hobbies teach us, throwing in an hour of effort every now and then doesn’t have that much effect. In fact, studies show that spending 15 minutes a day on your goal is much more effective than the sporadic efforts. With discipline as our secret weapon, it influences us to do our best. On some days, showing up to class is easy because of a simple schedule. But on other days when everything is calling our attentions, we realize we have to turn down other invitations so to still stick with our training time.

So the next time you find yourself struggling to reach your goal, stop and reassess. Have you been able to carve out enough time per week to spend on the goal? If not, then what changes can be made so you can?

And if you’re getting frustrated with your goal, you can always take a break and/or find people who make for a great support group.

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