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Happy New-Years-Eve Eve! As 2014 is approaching its final days, you are well on your way to start a new year!

Choe’s HapKiDo would like to thank everyone for a wonderful year of HapKiDo and Kickboxing! No matter what, be proud of the progress and accomplishments achieved within this year.  Whether you had just started or been growing all year, you have had many great moments to remember. We would like to say thanks for being a part of your year!

Happy New Years, and we look forward to an awesome 2015!

Get Back Into Shape with I Love Kickboxing!


As a kid, staying in shape was mindless because fun came from running around all the time. But as we grew older, life threw fast balls that changed our lives. Regardless of the changes, we eventually arrive to the point where exercising is mandatory to maintain health and to look good. This phase of life is a real struggle for all sorts of people, but finding fun exercise rids all negativity at play.

At I Love Kickboxing, an infinite number of individuals find kickboxing enjoyable. If it’s not from the blasting, upbeat music that drives the mood to take it out on a gigantic punching bag, then it must be from the awesome kickboxing community – from instructors to peers! In addition to these perks, others have found that including I Love Kickboxing as part of their lives has given them back their life, or a new found energy to take on a new one. I Love Kickboxing keeps off and sheds the unwanted weight, tones up the body, and only makes people look incredible!

You may have been fit in high school, but I Love Kickboxing can make you look and feel better than ever! Check out our kickboxing program here!

I Love Georgia Martial Arts – Success Stories!

I Love Martial Arts Georgia is a great safe place for people of all ages to learn self-defense, self-discipline, confidence, respect, and more! It is super beneficial for kids, teens, and adults alike! Check out the following martial art success stories to see how great our program has affected our surrounding communities!

Choe’s HapKiDo in Cumming

Mr. Orange Belt loves that he is able to make friends at Choe’s HapKiDo in Cumming!

Choe’s HapKiDo in Grayson

Ms. Brandy shares how HapKiDo has affected her and her son’s life! By watching her son improve in self-discipline, respect, and focus, she decided to join in on the fun at Choe’s HapKiDo in Grayson!

Choe’s HapKiDo in Duluth

The great karate dad that is sharing his success story about his son, he has noticed a great change in his discipline at school. HapKiDo karate has also aided his son’s football skills! Thanks to the peers and instructors at Choe’s HapKiDo in Duluth, another life has been greatly influenced!

Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville

The great karate mom that is sharing her success story about her son with ADD/ADHD, she has noticed a dramatic change in her son’s patience, respect, and other areas of his life! Thanks to the peers and instructors at Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville, another life has been positively affected.

Choe’s HapKiDo in Flowery Branch

The great karate mom that is sharing her success story about her son, she has noticed a great change in patience, respect, and other areas of his life! Thanks to the peers and instructors at Choe’s HapKiDo in Flowery Branch, another life has been positively affected.

For more information on I Love Martial Arts Georgia, visit here.

Your Best Can Grow! – Georgia Martial Arts


Thought of the day – Always do your best, and your best will grow. Especially if you keep practicing, what you can do increases. What was your best last time, might look different today…the quality has most likely changed in the best way possible.

This idea can be seen between belt tests demonstrated at the studios of I Love Martial Arts Georgia. While the first belt to be accomplished requires an individual to show basic techniques, the belt and onwards slowly add advanced skills. More knowledge and moves are taught and your mind and body must learn to function all. As one might perform at a decent level at one belt test, he/she could perform extraordinary at the next one because of more practice. And overtime, the abilities expand and then the level of applying your best is more demanding because you have graciously gotten better.

So, the more you grow, the better you become!

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Your Hand Can Make A Difference – Georgia Martial Arts


I Love Martial Arts Georgia is strong in disciplining the mind and body. We are also big on serving the community. For us, this year showed that having heart in our efforts can make a positive impact. We witnessed this great outcome when we fundraised for Susan G. Koman’s foundation to show support to breast cancer research and to increase a person’s chance to be able to fight. This experience is an example how everyone can help in different ways — from doctors, researchers, and the community.

Some people might say that part of life is figuring out our gifts so to help others. By simply having a pair of working hands, feet, and an open mind, you are capable of being a helping tool for someone else. Whether it’s doing chores on behalf of your parents or tutoring a peer to do better in a class, anything that can make someone’s day easier is worth it. And the more people are willing to help out, the more beautiful the environment grows!

For more information on I Love Martial Arts Georgia and the various locations, visit here.

There’s Still Time to Start Again! – I Love Kickboxing Georgia

Guess what?

Three things:

1) There are 10 days until Christmas.
2) Which also means 16 days left of the year.
3) Which really indicates that there’s 17 days until the start of a new year!

Through all the madness that came with this month, have you been able to put aside some time for yourself? With all the holiday shopping, hostings, parties, gatherings, and running around on top of your regular schedule, maybe everything is slowing down a bit to find time for some personal TLC. By adding a little fitness to your daily routine, your body will benefit from the extra positive energy circulating throughout your veins.


When is the next time you will set aside time to exercise?

Waiting until the start of next year to begin exercising is alright and is possibly a great plan. However, the truth about fitness – the longer you push it off, the longer your body will not want to work out.

Maybe you’re deciding on when or how to start. You may also have a friend or two who are also in the same department. Regardless of where you’re at, there’s still time left in the year to start back up again.

Have you ever done kickboxing?

I Love Kickboxing is the greatest place to be to stay motivated with exercise. It’s fun, challenging, and rewarding. Even If you need inspiration on a holiday gift this year, then why not consider the gift of fitness? Order I Love Kickboxing certificates by 12 noon EST by Christmas Eve, and they will be delivered same day! If it’s to motivate yourself or a friend, you cannot go wrong with this fantastic opportunity!

Gift Certification Options

You have two options to choose from:

1) 3 Kickboxing Classes Gift Certificate for just $19.99 (with free gloves)

2) 5 Kickboxing Classes Gift Certificate for just $29.99 (with free gloves)

To gain access to awesome kickboxing gift certificate with this link: http://www.ilovekickboxing.com/giftcertificates/

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The Benefits of Karate Classes – Georgia Martial Arts

**Why HapKiDo Classes Could Be the Coolest Gift Ever?**


1. It Shows an Individual That You Don’t Have to be the Greatest Athlete to Begin With

HapKiDo Karate is all about training to be your best. All the exercises are meant for making individuals stronger physically and mentally. This sport allows a student to go at his/her own pace while learning new things every day in training. And by being in a positive environment filled with encouragement, students excitedly improve in confidence, focus, perseverance, and more!

2. It lets individuals see what they are capable of.

After a couple of weeks in class, new students at Choe’s HapKiDo see that their bodies can do more than just walking and running. Soon, they are kicking different kicks, tumbling like a gymnast, and starting to defend like a ninja!

3. Great hands-on experience that good work can be achieved through hard work and perseverance!

Between each belt test, students experience the rewarding efforts of advancing in HapKiDo martial arts. Through our program, they learn multiple lessons from each day in class. Students of all ages (from children to adults) are sharpening their skills to improve physically and mentally. They all see how everything comes together when both of these aspects are connected.

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Written by: Christie McGowan


It’s More Than Just a New Day – Georgia Martial Arts


“Today is a new beginning.”

In a way, this quote knocks on the door of everyone. From a martial arts standpoint, a positive and clear mind are important to all students. There are times when a training session doesn’t go as well. When they learn to persevere and learn to live by the day, better things are accomplished.

In five words, this saying expresses a lot. A person does not only get another day, but there is a chance to start all over whenever a new day arrives. And whatever happened yesterday, it does not have to be a part of today. So if people have it in their heads that they are able to start over every day, then the next day will always look even better. And if people literally address one day at a time, the vision of the future seems brighter.

This quote and its concept can apply to the journey set to reach a goal. It’s always good to practice self-control. The more you can practice self-control, the better. Maybe it’s all about reasoning with yourself and remembering why the goal is set. However, when there is a day that goes absolutely bad, or when you slip up, don’t treat yourself badly afterwards. Let whatever happened that day stay in that time frame. So when your in the following day, you’re able to still move forward.

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Written by: Christie McGowan


Choe’s HapKiDo – Gift Idea!


You guys, it is week 50 out of 52 ½ weeks!

As winter festivities are going on, are you struggling trying to figure out what to get for other people? Maybe gift giving is a serious tradition at your place, or maybe you’re stuck in the Secret Santa department.

Reasons why gift giving is a challenge are numerous. If the gift giving challenge is not because the person is not well-known, then it may be from stress and/or worry because you care about the person a lot. From experience, as long as there’s a personal note attached to the gift, it will most likely be well received.

Of course, there are always the usual candy cane chocolates, candles and lotions, homemade goods…but what if the person has allergies or other sensitivities?

If you think the person in question could like something related to fitness, why not select a martial arts trial period at Choe’s HapKiDo? Our current deal offers two weeks of HapKiDo karate classes and a FREE uniform for only $29.99. You never know, you may have introduced a new hobby to that person!

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I Love Kickboxing Georgia – Fitness Gift Ideas Here!

“Tis’ the season of giving.”

As many times you have heard this phrase, it’s true! The promotions for December in response to the numerous festivities are fitting. But even without all the hallmark reminders, think about the time and emotions when someone adored the gift received from you. Now, compare those feelings to the occasions of receiving gifts from others. Both types of gift giving may give off happy vibes, but they are each slightly different. To get what you want is always nice, but to watch someone glow because you gave what he/she wanted is more awesome!

This season, why not give someone the gift of fitness? It’s something that won’t collect dust on the shelf, and it’s an idea that would allow that body/mind to reap great benefits! If you’re looking around for fitness gift ideas, check out I Love Kickboxing! With either option chosen, the person receiving this fantastic opportunity will also receive a FREE pair of kickboxing gloves! You can’t go wrong with a gift like this!

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What’s on Your List? – Choe’s HapKiDo

Thinking about goal reaching is great any day, but December just automatically calls attention for it to be a popular topic because of New Year’s resolutions. So far this week, goal reaching has produced inspired blog topics such as thinking ahead, maintaining self-respect, and possessing positive attitude.

Making goals is definitely a lot easier than pursuing them; they tend to create nice images in your head. If it’s not the hard work and struggles that attract people, then it must be the feeling experienced when crossing a finishing line. But the thing about goals, especially with some of the popular ones, they seem to be meant for long-term. Like, why would you stop trying to get fit or eating healthy after a year?

According to USA.gov, the following are popular New Year’s resolutions made every year:

Lose weight
Volunteer to help others
Quit Smoking
Get a Better Education
Get a Better Job
Save Money
Get Fit
Eat Healthy Food
Manage Stress
Manage Debt
Take a Trip
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Drink Less Alcohol

What has been on your New Year’s resolution list? Anything different from the ones listed above?

This article is presented on behalf of www.ilovemartialartsgeorgia.com. —

Written by: Christie McGowan



Allow Struggles to Make You Stronger – Choe’s HapKiDo


Part of the challenge in goal reaching relates to attitude. If struggles from a set goal start sinking into your mind, you need to find internal strength to keep going. Maybe you need to figure out the reason for the struggle and learn. Or perhaps, you need to surround yourself with positive reminders like a support group. There is even a possibility that the goal needs to be slightly adjusted. The solutions to the struggle(s) could be all of these!

Us martial artists at Choe’s HapKiDo can relate greatly to them. Especially with the time between each belt test, these solutions almost act as a system. Our expectations of ourselves might be too high or too low; sometimes it helps when there is someone on the outside who can make such observation. If anything, the person should definitely be someone you trust.

If you take it a day at a time, the goal seems more approachable. This mindset will also allow you to set short-term goals. With goals, remember that they are meant to bring challenges, and that quitting is what you want to avoid.

Written by: Christie McGowan

You Have to Want It! – HapKiDo Karate


You might not be involved with a martial art, but you can definitely relate to the ideals of goal reaching that’s encouraged in our studios. At Choe’s HapKiDo, self-defense and respect are strong practices. In fact, improvement occurs when an individual finds realizes to have respect for self. Then, when students start making goals, it is because of self-will, confidence, and encouragement.

Goals are great because something in your life caught attention and has pushed for fixing. You are led to the desire of action, and for a dose of responsibility. However, with each goal made, it is always good to think “why.” Did you get inspired? If not inspired, then what?

Sometimes people feel necessary to change due to emotions in response to circumstances. Maybe you feel the need to lose weight because someone commented on your figure. Or maybe the reason to tone up is a response of comparing self. Or perhaps, you plan to work harder because the feeling of incompetence increased. Or even – the need of finding a special somebody due to the pressures of being single can get to anyone’s head…Yeah?

You know, an important element to goal making is the amount of respect you have for yourself. From experience, there’s a difference when making plans because of inspiration versus being bullied into it by yourself. Sure, others can definitely initiate and add weight to your bucket of feelings, but you don’t have to fall into it. When you make goals, it should be because you want them. Otherwise, the journey to reach goals due to pressure can become a miserable one, you might even stop at some point.

Written by: Christie McGowan



You Count Everyday! – HapKiDo Karate

Happy December from Choe’s HapKiDo!

Did you take a moment to reflect on thankfulness over the Thanksgiving break? Well, believe it or not- there are only four and a half weeks left of 2014! If you haven’t been swept away by all the Christmas and other winter holiday shenanigans, surely your schedule will soon have you running around. But in the midst of a busy December schedule, this month is also the time to start thinking of next year. If you are a New Year’s resolution fanatic, testing the waters of set goals can ensure the likelihood of reaching them.

Think about this – whatever you put on your New Year’s resolution list, you can really start today. Or at least, begin prepping and experiencing the realistic measures of trying to reach new goal(s) before the actual first day. By doing this, you can also make adjustments to set goals. For example, if you’ve written anything to do with weight, maybe check out fitness classes, buy the clothes/tools needed, or maybe appoint a couple of friends to try it out with you. You could all act as each other’s motivators.

Another popular goal on people’s list revolves around changing the current diet to possibly something better. With this kind of goal, you could start doing research and experimenting with foods. Whatever route you decide to take to try accomplishing new set goals, the main idea here is to find ways to keep going by getting a head start. Use December as an advantage!


If fitness and healthy eating are goals that make up your list, try working out with us at Choe’s HapKiDo. We understand the mindset needed and try to show others their potential. And by being around people who are striving for similar ideals, the company makes the journey a little bit easier. Think of us as an awesome, caring support group!

For more information on Choe’s HapKiDo, visit here.

Written by: Christie McGowan