Martial Arts Snellville Georgia Helps Children Exercise Their Focus Muscles


When it comes to paying attention in school, anything can become a distraction to a child. Whether it is due to someone else in the classroom or to the wandering mind, there is always something. Depending on the child, the ability to focus in class eventually shows up in schoolwork and/or report cards. When grades begin to drop and report cards keep coming back with negative feedback, a child’s confidence and self-esteem also decreases. Extra tutoring and discipline can help, but there are ways to better a child’s focus: find a good martial arts program. Through a martial arts program, students walk away with a better understanding of themselves. One good program, Martial Arts Snellville Georgia is a life-changing solution for anyone who wants to improve the ability to focus.

Martial Arts Snellville Georgia understands the importance and beauty of being able to focus. From our many years of experience, martial arts is a sport that requires full attention. From the beginning of class where the instructor calls for attention and to the many exercises, the mind is required to concentrate on many objects for short amounts of time. Exercises that students are guided through in a typical class that will help increase a person’s focus ability include meditation, target kicking, tumbling, self-defense, and sparring.

At Martial Arts Snellville Georgia, the numerous exercises are highly beneficial. As meditation helps to calm the mind, it also results for a cool, alert mindset. By doing this at the beginning of class, it allows students to ready the mind. After the mind is prepared well, target kicking is best done when the eyes and mind are fully set on the target. If the mind wanders off or the gaze shifts, the performance will not be so successful. With target kicking, the mind focuses on the target but also on other factors to perform kicks such as height, speed, and distance. Similar to target kicking, tumbling and sparring require the same amount of attention. As the child is running towards the spot to roll, or s/he begins to block, there is no room for the mind to disappear.

Through a well-rounded martial arts program, like Martial Arts Snellville Georgia, children learn hands-on the effects of good focus. By spending time exercising the brain outside of school, students are able to apply what they learn in martial arts. They come to understand what it takes for them to fully concentrate, and they witness the success that comes with being present 110%.

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Written by: Christie McGowan

Fitness and College – How Fitness Kickboxing ATL Can Help You!

9Now that college has started backup again, what are you going to do different that is going to make it BETTER? Once the midterm week hits your agenda, how are you going to balance the stress, the lack-of-sleep, the stress eating, the partying, and the endless hours of studying? You need something that will counteract all, if not the most, factors that trigger weight gain. Weight gain is a beast. While gaining it comes easy to a lot of people, getting rid of it involves commitment. As some weight gain are the result of a person’s health history and genetics, other factors include stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, alcohol, and diet. In the midst of all the craziness, become a part of Fitness Kickboxing ATL so to finish out strong throughout the semester!

By regularly engaging in a fast, high calorie burning workout like Fitness Kickboxing ATL, college students are able to include something active into their busy schedules that will help them maintain more control over their lives as they are becoming more independent.  As a result of exercising, they are able to release stress on a regular basis. By working out with highly experienced fitness instructors at Fitness Kickboxing ATL, college students are more prone to keep themselves accountable. With the combination of stress eating, partying, studying for long periods of time, including kickboxing in their daily routines will help them maintain a healthy weight. What’s more, they may be able to prevent from gaining the ‘Freshman Fifteen.’

As many college students relate, maintaining a healthy weight and stress level are challenging. Fitness Kickboxing ATL is a good resource to help with those challenges. By surrounding yourself with instructors and others people who are striving for similar goals, the positive influence rubs off.
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Karate Monroe is Pro Respectful Children


If there is one lesson that people walk away with when participating in Karate Monroe, it is that everybody deserves respect. As our students learn about the importance of possessing respect for life, they also come to understand the reasons and ways to show respect in general. As the Karate Monroe Dojang (martial arts studio) resembles a house –one that practices good etiquette– the students’ attitudes towards their parents and house changes. By practicing the essentials of respect at Karate Monroe, children are more respectful at home.

In Karate Monroe, being respectful is important and part of the culture of where the martial arts originates. One way we teach Karate Monroe students to show respect to your peers is through bowing. This act symbolizes the idea that the person bowing acknowledges the person who is a higher rank than him. And there are different types of bows. At Karate Monroe, the students learn that different bows are for different levels of belts. For example, a small bow is acceptable to a peer who is the same belt degree. In contrast, a big bow is better when greeting the master and grandmaster. Another way respect is taught in Karate Monroe, the yelling responses of, “Yes, sir!” or “Yes, ma’am!” This act of respect being demonstrated by the student shows the higher belt/instructor that s/he is focusing, listening, and ready for action.

Overall, Karate Monroe provides its students an understanding of respecting higher ranks, whether it is parents, elders, teachers, peers, managers, etc. When students learn to show respect, they also see that people return the respect.

From our program at Karate Monroe, parents have seen a change in habit amongst their kids. Parents are happier when their child starts doing chores without asking, listening to their rules more, and even giving their teachers a similar amount of respect. The lesson of respect is sometimes hard to learn, but with Karate Monroe, we can help in that department. And as a result, the community and our future leaders are in better shape.

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6 Ways Karate Norcross Will Improve Your Child’s Life Social Life


Karate Norcross provides such a positive experience, that its impact lasts in the students for a long time: the accomplishments, the lessons, and most importantly—the friendships. Martial arts would not be the same if it were not for the instructors and peers. As a child, if anything was learned it was that having friends make living life better. As parents, we care about the well-being of our kids, especially when it comes to them making friends. From our experience as being martial arts instructors and parents, martial arts compliments the lives of all individuals. By having your child being involved in a martial arts program, the friendships built throughout classes will boost your child’s self-esteem when trying to make friends everywhere else.

6 Ways Karate Norcross Will Improve Your Child’s Life Social Life.

Karate Norcross is…

  1. An opportunity to meet kids of the same age. While your child associates with other children at school, meeting more boys/girls at Karate Norcross adds a bigger variety.
  2. A way to connect with kids who have similar interests. Being involved in activities outside of school will give your child more opportunities to branch out. If your child loves martial arts, or shows an interest in it, being around martial artists his age will start numerous conversations and excitement.
  3. An icebreaker. Your child sharing news about the latest accomplishments in Karate Norcross will fascinate classmates, teachers, relatives, and many more people s/he associates with.
  4. A way to bond with other people. By working together all of the time, whether it is by holding a target for your partner or collaborating on other exercises, students cannot help but bond. Especially when kids start hanging out at other Karate Norcross events and outside of class hangouts, the friendships built from martial arts are impactful.
  5. An experience that helps individuals learn more about themselves. As your child becomes more familiar with the martial arts ropes, s/he understands more about how to lead themselves through all kinds of obstacles.
  6. A lesson on how to work and to get along with all types of people. The beauty of Karate Norcross is that all sorts of people walk through our doors. And it is more beautiful to see all of these different children, teens, and adults working together—and enjoying each other’s company!

Making friends can be a struggle that affects your child’s self-esteem. By signing up your child for something to look forward to after school, a physical and social activity like Karate Norcross will brighten up his/her mood. By learning how to make friends at one place, your child will be more confident socially in all areas of life.

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The Day of The Belt Test – Karate Buford


If not a spectator or an instructor helping out, the days leading up to the monthly Karate Buford belt tests play with the testers’ minds. Maybe the students feel indifferent at the beginning of the month, but when it is the week of the belt test, anticipation and nervousness increases. And the night before? Sleep may or may not have been missed. While numerous thoughts flood the mind, it is possible to go in to the belt test feeling clear headed. When rising up on the day of the belt test at Karate Buford, one can either wait for the time to pass, or use the time effectively and prepare. As a result of spending time to ready the mind, one can better his/her performance at Karate Buford by cultivating a positive mindset.

Things To Do the Day of the Belt Test at Karate Buford

Allot self generous time to prepare. Set aside enough time that will not feel rushed. Determine what all needs to be done and the time it takes to finish all. Do you need to eat? Get ready? Is your sparring gear packed? Do you have a secure ride?

Review concepts and terms. Not only do the belt tests  assess the physical aspect of students, but they also quiz their knowledge on martial art concepts and Korean martial arts vocabulary.

Meditate. As a Karate Buford  instructor might say, “Your breath is a reflection of your mind.” As one is sitting on the floor, there is something powerful about shutting the eyes. Suddenly, the mind can become aware of what is going on inside, and wash away the negative vibes. If the mind is wild like a loud, crashing ocean, there is an option to instead visualize the smooth, clear top of a serene lake. When the mind relaxes and concentrates on one’s breath, the mind can reach peace. Good things happen when the mind is cool and alert.

Warm-up. As the belt test presents itself as one big exercise to show off the students’ skills, it is wise to warm-up the body. Whether or home or by arriving early to the test center, preparing the body for action goes a long way.

On any given test, even beyond a belt test at Karate Buford, one wants to give it his/her all. At Karate Buford,  belt test days are big days for students. Karate Buford belt tests are an event that requires 100% effort. They also show students how everything in training comes together. By preparing the mind before test time, students can test their best.

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Black Belt Tests at Karate Monroe

The journey to Black Belt is not an easy one. Similar to achieving a school degree, that diploma represents the years and hard work that was put in to the success. Achieving Black Belt level is similar, that notable belt color signifies the hard training and skills developed over the last good number of years. Degree or belt, no matter the size and number of the obstacles that were thrown, it is possible to reach the end.

At Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Monroe, we help students reach Black Belt success. On the day of the Black Belt test at Karate Monroe, training from all twelve belt levels (white to red) come together. As each belt level breaks down different techniques to learn, the Black Belt test is a huge performance. The perspective student must demonstrate kicks, strikes, self-defense, rolling, flipping, board breaking, sparring, and weaponry from every level.

While the Black Belt test requires a lot of physical endurance, it also demands attention from the mind. Focus, respect, humility, perseverance, and confidence come together. The two halve, the physical and mental, must work together to perform well.

Students become better leaders of themselves and of their communities when they study martial arts at Karate Monroe. Throughout the training, they learn hands-on the importance of working hard, and seeing all of their work paying off. They understand why having and showing respect are important. They learn to pick themselves up and try again. And finally, they learn more about themselves, which adds to their confidence.

As Karate Monroe is part of a huge sport industry, martial arts is also a field where students develop life long relationships with their martial arts family, which is very special. And through all of the training and growth, the students also have fun.

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Kids Karate Johns Creek

Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Johns Creek changes lives everyday through our multiple-level programs. We love that we can offer classes for kids, teenagers, and adults. Families also enjoy our family classes because family time spent in our studio is super bonding time!

Kids Karate Johns Creek is the place to be, where students learn self-defense in addition to other qualities. When students train in martial arts, they develop a better understanding and practice in focus, respect, discipline, perseverance, and more.  Kids Karate Johns Creek also helps build better relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, elders, and friends.

As a result of growing in a positive environment, such as in our studio for Kids Karate Johns Creek, students grow in confidence. With confidence, kids strive in all areas of life. They will raise their hand in class more,  have the will to try new things, and overall be happier.

Kids Karate Johns Creek provides so many benefits to all students. It is a sport that also changes lives. And one of the best parts of our martial arts program? Kids have fun! In our studio, kids are learning, growing, working hard, and enjoying themselves all at the same time.

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Karate Dacula Georgia
Karate Dacula Georgia

Board Breaking at Karate Snellville

Board Breaking at Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Snellville provides challenges to our students, but there is a great feeling of accomplishment when breaking a board—or boards!—is successful. Some students may recall the first board that they broke as being one of the most memorable times during their journey at Karate Snellville.

The first time to break a board, the moment becomes surreal because you are staring at the instructor who is holding a solid, thick board in front of you. In turn, the instructor is also looking at you, waiting for you to attempt a break. While staring, you may have flashes of the Karate Kid film series coming to mind. Suddenly, you realize the martial arts world is way cool.

If at first you did not succeed in breaking the board, you can try again. Maybe it was your mind that stopped your fist before you tried to hammer through. Or maybe your mind was on the target, but the strike was not strong enough. After the second or third attempt of trying to physically break the board as hard as possible, you understand the necessity of also focusing the mind: on the target, on the weight of your fist, on the momentum that is needed, on your fighting stance, on your breath, on the spot behind the board that your fist must come through, and on the yell that will travel loudly from your gut.

After the first break, Karate Snellville students’ confidence rises. Before they know it, they will overcome board break techniques using the heel, palm, elbow, and many more. As board breaking looks like a performance test, it is very much one. The practice is a demonstration of all practice coming together, where the mind and body must work in cooperation, in unison.

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