Bio Instructor Spotlight: Instructor Matt Gresham

Hello there! I am Instructor Matt Gresham, and I have been instructing HapKiDo and Kickboxing for about five years each. At Choe’s HapKiDo, I started HapKiDo training near the end of 2012, and my passion for it keeps growing. Within six months of starting training, I realized I had a gift for explaining and guiding people, and I wanted to explore more into those areas.

One of the greatest moments in HapKiDo is when I received my Black Belt from Grandmaster Choe at the 2016 Summer Championship. My struggles in training included excuse making, lack of confidence, and lack of discipline. I used to act before I would think, and now my actions are calculated and intentional.

One person who inspires me as an instructor is Instructor RJ LoPresti. His attitude, passion, and his drive to succeed and to help others motivate me. My long-term goal is to open and run a HapKiDo location, and he is the first person to help inspire that. I’m driven to change the world and to protect the innocent through self-cultivation and realization, and teaching here and later opening a school would activate those dreams.

I enjoy how HapKiDo and Kickboxing complement each other. While HapKiDo constantly challenges self to be better than yesterday, Kickboxing shows what you and others are capable of.

If people are committed to change and living a full productive life, then the time is now. Life is better when I can coach people every day. My favorite part of instructing, whether it is a kid or an adult, is seeing the light come on in their faces.


Hobbies: Automotive Performance Enthusiast & Race Cars

Favorite Colors: Black and White

Favorite Movies: Boondocks Saints, The Matrix, Taken, and Dragon Ball Z

Favorite Workout Tune: “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake, Lil Jon

This Month’s HapKiDo Belt Promotion is Coming Up!

The Day that Everyone Looks Foward to!

This Saturday on February 18th starting at 9:30 A.M and until 8 P.M, the students of Choe’s HapKiDo look forward to this month’s Belt Promotion Event. This event starts at one of the schools in the morning, and tours to two more schools by the end of the day. In total, students have three opportunities to choose from on when to participate.

The panel is made of masters and head instructors from each location.  We would like students to think of this day as a day to show all what they have learned.

For Cumming HapKiDo Head Instructor RJ LoPresti, who has been doing martial arts since 6-years-old, “The students get to present what they’ve learned and show how much they’ve grown and improved since their last test. It’s awesome to see everyone’s growth!!”

For Lawrenceville HapKiDo Head Instructor Dan Wilson, who has been doing martial arts since 11-years-old, “We want our students to succeed. As instructors, we still test to keep advancing as Black Belts, and we understand what our students go through every month. We are all growing, and we want to make sure everyone is growing well. ”

The monthly event is a day worth celebrating.  It is an all day event, and everyone looks forward to feasting somewhere fun afterwards. The students who presented themselves and showed everyone what they have learned are able to relax. Everyone from instructor, to students, and to parents get to talk about the day’s highlights.

Even if students are not participating in the Belt Promotion Event, they can still come out support others. This action shows good sportsmanship, and they get to hang out with the HapKiDo family.

“It’s like a family reunion every month,” says Instructor Wilson, “we spend time separately training in our locations with our students, but the belt promotions let everyone gather all at once.”

For more information on Choe’s HapKiDo, visit here.


Bio Instructor Spotlight: Bresha Anderson

Hello! I am Instructor Bresha Anderson at iLoveKickboxing Atlanta! My background experience includes a strong passion for fitness and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and nutrition from Georgia Southern. On a daily basis, I greatly enjoy focusing on sharpening my skills as a kickboxing instructor. Working with our kickboxers provides a daily opportunity to share my passions with others: I love working out and helping others reach their fitness goals.

My relationship with learning how to love working out developed throughout my freshman year in college. At that point in my life, I would describe myself having not been too fit. Throughout high school, I was physically active in dance and cheerleading, but I did not learn how to stay healthy. It is thanks to my roommate in college who taught me how to train, lift weights, and do cardio to stay fit. As a result, I successfully lost 20 pounds during my freshman year.

Being a kickboxing instructor is a way to make a difference in the world. At iLoveKickboxing Atlanta, I enjoy getting to know the people who come to class. It is a joy to learn more about them and to be able to personalize their experience. Like me, they are here to make healthy changes to their lives, and I can help them find solutions.

If I learned anything from the past years, it is to not sweat the small stuff. Especially when trying to stay with our goals, we may run into bad days. But it is important to let it go and focus on better days to come.


Dog- Yorkie Poo- Skye

Hobbies- cycling, read, draw, write, and yoga

Colors- purple and black

Life Long Goal- Start a fitness program that could reach out to low-income families

Shred Your Ex! – Valentine’s Day Kickboxing Event





The Anti-Valentine’s Day that You Won’t Want to Miss.

Atlanta — Hosted by iLoveKickboxing all around the states, the annual Shred Your Ex is going down on Monday February 13th. Kickboxers look forward to this event every year. With a live DJ in the house, the last two classes encourage the kickboxers to bring a picture of their ex lovers, bosses, and anything that make them angry and tape it to a kickboxing bag. Then, the kickboxers have at it.

With the high energy music blasting from the DJ table, people all around the studio are shredding the visual in front of them. Their hooks, upper cuts, and roundhouses have never been better. Plus, the workout is a high-calorie crunching hour.

According to Instructor RJ LoPresti from iLoveKickboxing Cumming, “It’s awesome to see what people will bring in for the evening. In the past we’ve had fun ones taped to the bags like highway traffic and burpees.”

From Instructor Dan Wilson from iLoveKickboxing Lawrenceville, “Part of kickboxing classes is to try to visualize a person when applying certain punches and kicks to the bags. Shred Your Ex is a great way to motivate our kickboxers to enjoy working out too.”

iLoveKickboxing looks for different ways to make working out exciting, and monthly DJ nights is one of them. With a different theme each month, kickboxers can look forward to dressing in disco attire one month and camo wear the next month. Regardless of the theme, the people can look forward to the anti-Valentine’s Day every year.

Fitness kickboxing has become a popular sensation around the United States. It is  a workout that allows people to enjoy cardio and high interval training, while the whole process remains fun. This type of program is a great way to encourage anyone to start on goals and to remain physically active.

For more information on iLoveKickboxing, visit here.


Take Care of Yourself to Avoid Heart Disease

Everyday is invaluable because there is not a date that repeats itself. You have many new beginnings with each morning that you arise, but today’s morning is unique.

What you do with your 24 hours today impacts how you feel the next day. And if not the next day, in the long run. But with everything you do, remember to spend time to take care of yourself. Have your “me time”. Go beyond the routine of waking up every morning to brush your teeth. Set aside an additional hour or two to sit back and relax. Read, reflect, do some stretches, spend an hour doing amazing fitness that will take care of your heart. In light of February being National Heart Disease month, get in your daily workout with something heart pumping like fitness kickboxing and martial arts.

Fitness keeps our hearts healthy when at a resting state. During the hour or so of working out, blood is transferring oxygen to all areas of our body at a quicker rate. When we workout more, our hearts don’t have to work so hard to pump blood and oxygen when resting.

Did you know that heart disease is the No.1 cause of death in the United States? On average, 600,000 Americans are affected? That’s 1 out of 4 people!

We have one heart and one mind that can do wonders if we apply them, and our body depends on them. We are not puppets. We have the opportunity to control our choices.

What do you want out of life? Do you want to settle for living an okay life, or do you want to exceed all expectations and be wow-ed with life?

But you can’t live the life you want when you’re not taking care of yourself. Love every part of your life!