Losing Weight with Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek

Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek
Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek

Martial Arts is the Best Way to Lose Weight!

Within a week of taking classes at Choe’s HapKiDo Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek, you will burn fat fast and start seeing the results.

We are excited to share with you how martial arts will change your life!

Classes Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek

Have You Ever Experienced the Following Effects:

  • Trouble staying awake throughout the day?
  • Your clothes don’t fit the same way anymore?
  • Stress spreading to other areas of your life?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • The kids are hard to keep up with?

Believe us when we say this—we have been there before. You are not the only one out there struggling with all of this!

But did you know? 30 minutes of martial arts burns 360-900 calories? Which is way more than half an hour in any other kind of physical activity? This includes aerobics, biking, hiking, swimming, wrestling, and more.

Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek

How Does Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek Improve Your Overall Health?

Martial arts hits the three target areas in order to live a healthy life: stress level, burned calories, and the level of healthiness.

Be excited and expect more from your experience:

  • Understand better your purpose in life
  • Less stress
  • A decrease in depression
  • Better heart health
  • Toned and well-developed muscles
  • Better sleep
  • An increase in flexibility and balance
  • Better hand-eye coordination

Here’s what the locals are saying:

“I’m a full-time assistant and a mom of 2 kids, and my stress level used to be too much. But I was lucky to have found Choe’s HapKiDo Adult Martial Arts Johns Creek! With martial arts classes a few times a week, I am able to manage my stress better and be a better mom all around.” ~Lindsay Smith

“It’s incredible how much my life has changed with martial arts! I kept getting angry at all the wrong people because of work, but now I know better. Martial arts has taught me how to control my anger and to not sweat the small stuff.” ~José Rodiguez

Classes for Adult Martial Arts

Here’s the secret of how to use martial arts to lose weight.

Martial arts has been handed down from generation to generation, and dates back to thousands of years. When it was first branching out, the people of Eastern Asia didn’t have computer or advanced technology to rely on. It was part of the culture to live healthy so to avoid being overweight and to become sick from it.

Within years or maybe even centuries, these people figured out how and what kinds of movements kept people strong and healthy. That even when a little under the weather, we can move the body in special ways that helps it to recover.

Here’s what they have passed down to us:

  • How movement can detox the internal organs and glands
  • The positive effects of a strong heart and lungs
  • How the healthiness of the mind-body can keep off dimentia as we age
  • Good coordination, balance, and flexibility are the key components to living longer
  • How to naturally maintain a healthy weight

This Study of Good Health Became “Martial Arts” to the Masters!


10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Take Lessons at Johns Creek Martial Arts

Martial Arts Johns Creek

Your kids have the abilities to succeed. But first, they must unlock their potential. With the wisdom that comes with martial arts, they learn more about themselves. As a result, they are able to approach new experiences and challenges with confidence.

Here is what they will gain at Choe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts:

Classes Martial Arts Johns Creek1. They Learn How to Protect Themselves.

Especially if your child is being bullied, s/he can become insecure around other children. Being picked on is never fun, but learning self-defense protects a child. When your child learns how to overcome tough situations, the confidence grows. S/he will be more comfortable and happier to go to school and enjoy being a student.

2. Perform Better in Every Part of Life and Beyond.

Johns Creek Martial Arts helps kids develop self-discipline, which has them carry that mindset through all of life. When it comes to dealing with a big or small task, your child will be ready. Approaching goals as teens and adults will not be so difficult. Their martial arts training in learning self-discipline will come into play.

Kids Martial Arts Johns Creek3. They Will Want to do Their Best.

When kids start receiving positive comments and awards for their hard work, they want to continue to keep up the good work. Martial arts is amazing at finding the goodness in children and having that part grow. All kids really want to be good, but sometimes they need more attention and guidance to understand the world.

4. They Become Confident in Their Social Skills.

Sometimes kids will have a hard time making friends because of shyness or rudeness. Whether they know it or not, unfortunately the kids around them will stay away because of certain behaviors. But with Choe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts, your child will develop experience in how to work with all kinds of people. They learn the importance of respect, good listening skills, and the result of following directions.

5. Increased Respect for Others and Self.

In order for kids to get along with others, it’s important for them to understand the impact of respect. They learn how to collaborate with others of different beliefs, values, and backgrounds. They also learn the value of having parents, teachers, coaches, and others in their lives.

6. Better Self-Esteem and Confidence.

Having the strong belief that you can achieve anything is the best tool someone can have. We are constantly around others who can make us think that they are better. But with that mindset, it can constantly be killing our self-esteem and confidence. But with lessons in martial arts, the instructors show that we are capable of greatness. And if a person can develop that understanding while still young, they become unstoppable as adults.

Martial Arts Johns Creek Classes7. Improvement in Concentration and Focus.

For a child, anything can be a distraction. The ticking clock in the room, a pencil rolling around, a bird outside the window, a beep from a phone…you name it! But every time the mind is distracted, it can take awhile for a child to tune back in. And by then, s/he may have missed something important shared by the teacher. But with Johns Creek Martial Arts, you are constantly practicing how to reach a target. You learn how much of your mind and body you need in order to accomplish an advanced kick or even a simple roll.

8. Having practice in maintaining good exercise and good health.

If your child started at being inactive, s/he won’t be anymore with Choe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts. This program inspires the fun of being off of the couch. The instructors are always coming up with ways to make martial arts even more fun. As a result, kids understand that practice in anything needs consistent practice, time, and dedication.

Martial Arts Johns Creek for Kids9. They keep up a good attitude and don’t give up.

It’s easy to cave in to anger and disappointment when something doesn’t go right. You might want to throw in the towel, but martial arts kids know better. Their instructors show them what happens when you keep a positive attitude. Plus, they value the amount of work they have put into their practice to give up.

10. They grow into more confident adults.

Kids won’t stay small forever. What they learn as kids will affect how they approach life as adults. Martial arts develops confidence, shows the importance of respect, increases a sharp mentality, and introduces the importance of maintaining good health. It is an opportunity to receive a well-rounded education at a young age that will affect them greatly n the long run.

Confidence for Adults – Martial Arts Johns Creek!

Confidence is for You, and It’s the GREATEST Weapon to Your Success!

“Have no fear of moving into the unknown…Do this in complete faith and confidence.” ~Pope John Paul II

Confidence to the mind and spirit is like the foundation of a large mountain.

If you have ever seen Mount Everest, Mount Fuji, or a well-known mountain in your area, take notice of their magnificent foundation. That foundation lets them be deeply rooted. No matter what happens, they are going to be okay. They also don’t start out as large and massive; they gradually rise. In fact, Mount Everst continues to grow 0.16 inch every year!

Without a strong belief that you are going to succeed, it is easier to collapse or give up. But with confidence, your motivation can rise as big as a mountain. Anything that is worthwhile will take time, and it’s important to constantly have that confidence in place.

Martial Arts Johns Creek GA
Martial Arts Johns Creek GA

If you struggle with a lack-of-confidence, Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Johns Creek will help to find yours.

Martial Arts Johns Creek training is the best way to find and to build your confidence. This program shows you how to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Here’s how:

  • Martial arts exercises helps you to maintain the proper balance of Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. All of these neurotransmitters contribute to a happy person when balanced right!
  • With great exercise, you are able to free your mind of negative emotions. You can be FREE from the negative clutter that prevents you from thinking clearly.

Martial Arts Johns Creek GAAdditional Benefits of Martial Arts Johns Creek Training:

  • Tone your muscles to become stronger and more resilient
  • The cardio increases your stamina and endurance
  • Stretching allows you to increase balance, flexibility, coordination, and agility
  • Better your reflexes, timing, and rhythm

Martial Arts Johns Creek GA

At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Johns Creek, We Teach You How to Train Your Mind…

The mental training exercises that you learn here is to show you how to clear your thoughts and to have them in control. We all get distracted sometimes by the negative thoughts, but they are known to kill confidence. So by working on being positive and proactive, we can grow that confidence into a strong fireball!

Mental Benefits Include:

  • Learning how to focus your mind on one thing for a long time distraction free
  • Learning how to block distraction. Anything from a small movement and to a large sound, you can stay focused.
  • Learning how to be decisive and make quick decisions while under pressure

Martial Arts Johns Creek GAAt Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Johns Creek, We Take Care of Your Emotional Health…

People often face the fears of failing and being physically attacked. From experience, we know that learning self-defense dissolves the fear of being attacked. When you are able to rid one fear, it sets off a chain reaction in your mind that you can vanquish other ones.

Another benefit from taking martial arts is learning how to reach short-term and long-term goals. In class, you start off with simple, doable tasks. But then as you get advanced, they become more challenging. This is when being around awesome support comes into play. Your martial arts family has your back and will show you endless love and support.

When we reach a long-term goal, we have more faith and confidence in ourselves to shoot for other goals. We see ourselves what we are capable of. As a result, we become HAPPY with ourselves!

Martial Arts Johns Creek GAMore Emotional Benefits from Martial Arts Training:

  • The endless support from your peers and instructors. A Martial Arts family are the coolest people to have in your back pocket when needing support!
  • A greater sense of knowing where you belong
  • Being able to stay calm while under pressure
  • Being more flexible and ready for anything unexpected that life throws at you


Martial Arts Johns Creek GAMartial Arts is Not Only About Learning How to Defend Yourself. It’s About Guiding the Whole You.

You could get lost on a sports team or lose interest in going to to the gym. But Martial Arts Johns Creek focuses on how to guide you so that you are confident.

Martial arts has been guiding so many lives for hundreds of years, and we know and believe it can change you.

We hope that you will give Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Johns Creek a chance to help boost your confidence!









Johns Creek Martial Arts Welcomes You!

Johns Creek Martial Arts
Johns Creek Martial Arts

***Are You Still Looking At Martial Arts The Way You Did As A Kid—Start Today!***

Johns Creek Martial Arts Will Increase:





Focus & Performance

Confidence to Save Your Life!

Your whole life is meant for you to be more than average. Are you ready to be who you know you can be?

They Say When The Student Is Ready, The Master Shows Up. Get Ready, Grasshopper!

“Since my first day at Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy, I’ve had more energy than ever! What they offer is unlike anything I’ve ever met! The instructors have changed my life!” ~Matt Stephens

“I was looking for a workout that was more fast paced than
yoga and something that doesn’t require dancing. Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy has been an awesome match! It is so cool to get to learn rolling, flipping, punches, kicks, and self-defense! I wouldn’t trade what I’ve been learning for the world. Especially for women, this program is empowering!” ~Sarah Johnson


“I was super stoked signing up for Johns Creek Martial Arts Academcy! Ever since my first day, my passion for life has increased. It’s true that what you learn from martial arts transfers to other parts of life. I recommend this program because it changed my life!” ~Tom Banks



“At first, I signed up my daughter into the martial arts program. After seeing what he was learning, I signed up myself! They have an incredible Adults Johns Creek Martial Arts. It has taught me that you are never too old to start martial arts!” ~Sidney Waters

Martial Arts Buford Ga“Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy has become a weekly family hangout. We all love it, and it is awesome watching and helping each other train. The kids force us to keep up!” ~Emma Cunningham


***What are you waiting for?***





Martial Arts Johns Creek FOR THE WIN!

Martial Arts Johns Creek
Martial Arts Johns Creek

Martial Arts Johns Creek

Have you ever set out a goal and had a hard time to achieve it?

When we are struggling to reach a goal, there is a battle that goes on in our heads. Do we call it quits because it’s not working out? Or do we find a different tactic and keep going? Whatever we choose, it matters because we are affected in the long run. Let Martial Arts Johns Creek Help!

If you are not surrounded by motivation or have someone to push you, giving up is easier to cave in to. And what makes giving up an absolute final is when our minds say, “Yes.”

But did you know?

Developing self-discipline removes all of the self-doubt, and it doesn’t take long to develop it. The moment you decide to become self-disciplined, you start to become that person.

For Centuries, Martial Arts has Developed the Best Disciplined Individuals All Around

During the ancient days of Eastern Asia, villages were terrorized by life-threatening attacks, and the villagers themselves had to learn self-defense. Against all odds like possessing no weapons and being out numbered, they were willing to train hard by learning battle proven techniques.

In the midst of battle, there was probably doubt going through many individuals.  But when you are in fighting mode, you realize you can’t change your mind halfway.  Either you are going for it, or you’re not.

Nowadays, martial arts Johns Creek and its training is valued strongly amongst the military and the police. The hand-to-hand combat is needed for these brave warriors, but martial arts is the ultimate teacher of self-discipline. Everyday, they are constantly sacrificing their lives to protect others. To do that, they are needing to move quickly while staying calm. A person who is willing to master that can achieve anything that the mind sets to.

Martial Arts Johns Creek Training Teaches:

  • Never to quit and to always fuel on self-motivation
  • To be adaptable to unexpected situations
  • How to win against all odds
  • Building a regular training schedule
  • How to increase your proficiency levels


The Secrets of the Martial Artists:

  • Self-Defense will always build from basic foundation, and the moves are continuous
  • Practice repeatedly until perfect, which means picking yourself back up and trying again
  • Passed down from generations reviving mental exercises that increase focus, level-headedness, and self-willingness
  • Passionate, loyal instructors who work regularly with you.
Buford Ga Martial Arts
Martial Arts Buford Ga


Shape Up to Be Your Best, and It Builds Determination and a Positive Attitude

The Physical Benefits of Martial Arts:

  • Stronger heart and lungs from the great cardio
  • Lean muscles
  • Faster, accurate, and precise reflexes
  • Increased flexibility, endurance, and agility

The Mental Benefits of Martial Arts:

  • Keeping calm under slow and fast-paced situations
  • The ability to focus on one task, and finishing it without distraction
  • An increase to spending a long time on one task
  • Increased confidence, and decreased stress


Johns Creek Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults!

Johns Creek Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

Johns Creek Martial ArtsChoe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy specializes in Kids Karate Classes, Adult Martial Arts Classes, Tai Chi Training , and even fun Kickn’ Karate Birthday Parties in Johns Creek Georgia!

Choe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy gives students an opportunity to experience all aspects of martial arts training through the classes that we offer. Students also get an opportunity to challenge themselves with our demonstration team, leadership teams, and championship competitions!

When you first visit our school you will see the most state of the art and safest karate equipment. Our practice area is ideal for self defense practice, sparring, and rolling as well as being safe so that our students feel comfortable as they learn new techniques!

Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts of Johns Creek and Alpharetta believes in providing a safe and clean environment that will allow our students to get the most of our award winning program!

Martial arts can truly change your life as it has for many others!

Kids gain Confidence through Johns Creek Martial Arts

Confidence Improves Grades! Kids ask their teachers more questions about school work, speak up when they need something, and get noticed more. Confidence helps them to believe in themselves which motivates them to do their best in and out of school.

Without it, they tend to be timid, unwilling to try new things, and not as happy as they should be.

Confidence Improves Play! Confident kids are outgoing kids. They are easy to get along with, play better with other children and earn the respect of their peers.
Confident Kids Are Happy Kids! When your child believes in themselves and is exceling in everything along with having the respect of their friends, they are happier.
Martial arts connect you to your physical and mental inner strength and help you achieve success on your terms.

These benefits explain why so many adults are turning to martial arts instead of going to traditional gyms and health clubs.


Johns Creek Martial Arts improves success for adults!

adults martial arts johns creek
The #1 Reason Students Enroll into Martial Arts: Their Lives are Transformed!
As soon as you begin your martial arts journey, you begin to use your body in new ways. You’ll know how to defend yourself but you’ll also develop greatly improved flexibility and physical strength. And of course, students lose weight quickly and safely.
Our adult martial arts students at Choe’s Hapkido Martial Arts Academy enjoy martial arts as an alternative to the overpriced gyms and health clubs.
When you come to see us, you become a part of a community of like-minded people who enjoy everything that martial arts has to offer. Our students come from all walks of life and they practice a wide range of martial arts.
In over 25 years of martial arts, we’ve worked with hundreds of adults. The transformation that takes place as my adult students start to tackle martial arts is truly remarkable.
People come to us who are confused, unfit and lacking confidence.
After just a few lessons they begin to develop:
– Inner and Outer Strength
– A New Sense of Peace and Calm
– New and Improved Posture
– Improved Physical Health