Martial Arts HapKiDo Benefits Kids with ADD/ADHD

How Does Martial Arts HapKiDo Help with ADD/ADHD?

Distractions are everywhere. And sometimes, the continued distractions interfere with a child’s ability to do well in school. But with some training, a child can improve his or her ability to stay focused. This is why martial arts becomes a great mechanism to engage and to improve a child’s focus. In a single Martial Arts HapKiDo class, students realize how important it is to pay attention. Because the classes are filled with students and instructors constantly in motion, a new student will learn the effects of being distracted for even a second. Similar to driving, everything in front of and all around a student in class is always changing.

A child with ADD or ADHD will benefit from Martial Arts HapKiDo because he or she learns self-control. As he or she is needing to practice a technique over and over again, it is easy for anyone to become angry or discouraged. But with Martial Arts HapKiDo training in how to keep a positive attitude during challenging times, a child learns to keep a cool head.

Another Martial Arts HapKiDo practice that helps every student is the art of meditation. Sitting still is tough for a child, but meditation shows one how to sit quiet and to engage in deep breathing. During this part of class, the students close their eyes and follow the instructor’s voice on what the mind could focus on. The purpose of this exercise is to prepare the mind for training, and it teaches how to reach to a calm state. This method is useful for ADD/ADHD kids because they learn how to control their moods, regardless of situation.

Overall, martial arts benefits children with ADD or ADHD because gives them a hands-on approach of how to control their focus, actions, and moods. While training is serious, martial arts makes it enjoyable and fun to want to stay focused. When a child is noticing how much s/he is progressing in our program, it also boost his/her self-esteem.

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Learn to Break Boards at Gwinnett Martial Arts!

If you ever need a self-esteem boost, learning to break boards will do just that. At Choe’s HapKiDo Gwinnett Martial Arts, we start everyone with the simplest techniques, and gradually show them cooler and more complex board breaking moves. But before anyone moves up, our students understand the most important fundamentals when it comes to board breaking. Breaking Boards at Choe’s HapKiDo Gwinnett Martial Arts provides challenges to our students, but there is a great feeling of accomplishment when breaking a board—or several boards at once—is successful.

What’s It Like to Break a Board?

Many of our students remember their first time trying to break board. You see this single piece of wood in front of you, and you can’t believe that it will break with your own fist. The instructor has guided every single student through this board breaking journey, and s/he has always assured us that it’s possible.

Gwinnett Martial Arts is great because it really teaches you perseverance. If at first you did not succeed in breaking the board, you can try again. Maybe it was your mind that stopped your fist before you tried to hammer through. Or maybe your mind was on the target, but the strike was not strong enough. After the second or third attempt of trying to physically break the board as hard as possible, you understand the necessity of also focusing the mind: on the target, on the weight of your fist, on the momentum that is needed, on your fighting stance, on your breath, on the spot behind the board that your fist must come through, and on the yell that will travel loudly from your gut.

After the first break, Gwinnett Martial Arts students’ confidence rises. Before they know it, they will overcome board break techniques using the heel, palm, elbow, and many more. As board breaking looks like a performance test, it is very much one. The practice is a demonstration of all practice coming together, where the mind and body must work in cooperation, in unison.

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Choe’s HapKiDo: Self-Defense for Women
HapKiDo Rocks!

The best part about Choe’s HapKiDo is that we welcome everybody to train to become a Black Belt. Martial arts can take anybody and turn him or her into something greater. While martial arts is considered a sport, it is more than that. It is about how well you can perform by yourself but also with others. If a person desires to improve on his or her martial art skills everyday, growth happens. Martial arts does not care whether the learner is a boy or a girl, but it matters that s/he wants to learn. These days, we strongly encourage women to take up martial arts classes to equip them with self-defense and confidence.  Whether if you are trying to show your daughter the possibilities of martial arts, or maybe you have always wanted to learn yourself, Choe’s HapKiDo has classes for everyone to enjoy.

Introducing girls to martial arts, like Choe’s HapKiDo Karate, shows them that they are not limited to only girly things. While girls may like completely different things than boys, they understand that it’s perfectly okay to be themselves and to learn martial arts too. When they see that boys and girls alike both rock at HapKiDo karate, they also pick up that it is important to do just as well in other areas of life.

In addition to developing physical strength and endurance, girls also learn the importance of self-respect, confidence, perseverance, and focus. And with a well-rounded martial arts program, girls can also have the opportunity for leadership roles that will allow them to lead classes, to guide students, and to give speeches.

With a little HapKiDo karate added to your child’s life, s/he will grow up to be a strong individual who always aim to succeed.

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