HapKiDo Karate – Being a Good Sportsman

At Choe’s HapKiDo Karate, an important lesson that the kids learn is how to be a good sport. This lesson can be hard to learn as a kid because the feeling of winning versus losing is still new. Winning always feels great, but seeing your opponents after a loss can be difficult.

Martial arts can help a child learn that even if he doesn’t win a competition, it’s healthy to congratulate his peers for their accomplishments. Because in turn, peers will congratulate him on his victories. Most importantly, the kids learn reasons of why to keep a positive attitude when not placing first or doing as well as hoped for.

As a result of learning how to maintain a positive attitude throughout every class, belt promotions, and championships, they grow to be great sportsmen. Plus, they end up having a great time in all activities.

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