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Choe’s HapKiDo – One of the hardest lesson to learn? Patience. And in this day and age, we are spoiled with instant results. We can download anything at any second, have packages delivered in a short amount of time, and find quick ways to fix our problems. A technologically advanced society makes waiting even more painful.

But as the old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Have you ever experienced gratification after seeing your hard work paying off? It took time, persistance, and discipline. There may have been tears and sweat, but it was worth it, right? That diploma, the completion of a project, the end of a hard time—these sitiuations show the positive effects of waiting

At Choe’s HapKiDo, we discuss with our students the importance of patience. For example, patience allows us to stay calm. When we are stressed about waiting for results or trying to perfect a technique, getting worked up doesn’t speed up the process. Being patient also teaches us to be more understanding of the situations we come across. For instance, we may get impatient with traffic, long lines, and peers. But if we’re empathetic towards the people around us, and understand that maybe they’re having a tough time, we become more relaxed because we’re making efforts to understand the situations better. So, patience teaches us to reflect ourselves.

So the next time you’re dealing with impatience, remember to relax and take deep breaths. If it’s to do with someone else, try to have some empathy that maybe they’re learning. You may have been in their shoes before. And if it’s impatience with yourself, calm yourself down and remember that patience pays off.

Because it does!

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Choe’s HapKiDo: Caring for our Mental Health HapKiDo Martial Arts

HapKiDo Martial Arts – Becoming healthier requires more than just physical exercise. It also means bettering our mental health. When we do this, we’re promoting ourselves with better self-care. And what’s great about improving our mental health, there are different ways to do so. By working with strategies that increase our self-esteems, we can strive to have better days.

In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. By labeling others who we think are better than us, the effects include becoming pessimistic and being filled with negativity. It’s important to remember that we are valuable.

One way of overcoming self-esteem issues is to surround ourselves with positive, supportive people. It’s a simple, overlooked strategy, but it works. If we’re around people who constantly put us down, it can stop us from growing. On a day that we’re feeling depressed or angst, being around folks who bring out our best is the key.

Another way to increase our self-esteem is by being kind to ourselves the way we would with a friend or loved one. By treating ourselves like a friend, life is better because we stop talking negatively over our lives. The way we compliment, console, and care for our friends, we deserve that treatment from ourselves.

When we stop comparing and start being kinder to ourselves, we experience a night and day difference. And the changes occur because we have started to take care of ourselves better.

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Choe’s HapKiDo: Flexibility

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Choe’s HapKiDo – Becoming healthy is made up of multiple parts, and every aspect is important when it comes to fighting off diseases and aging. As we look to cardio, muscular building, and muscular endurance to get into great shape, the one fitness area to not look over is flexibility. It is the one part of training that keeps us relaxed and prepares the body for the work it’s about to do. And what’s great about it is that it’s simple, light, and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule.

Especially if you’re grunting from having to bend down to pick up something off the floor, or finding it challenging to play with the kids, consider adding stretching to your lifestyle. Set a goal to stretch daily, and experience the difference in how it feels to move around.

Here are at least 4 benefits to stretching:
1) It increases range of motion in muscles and joints, which also helps to decrease injury.
2) If we’re sore after working out, stretching keeps the muscle loose and alleviates the tightness feeling.
3) Less tension in the muscles also helps to feel relaxed.
4) It also decreases and reduces back pain, while fixing our posture.

There are different strategies to add stretching to your daily life. You can aim to stretch for ten minutes after getting up for the day, squeeze in some arm stretches while in the cubicle, do some hamstring reaches during TV time, and stretch before going to bed. In fact, stretching before bedtime improves the quality of sleep because you’re better relaxed.

Go ahead and try it out! Stretching may even become your favorite way to de-stress!

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