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Choe’s HapKiDo – Goals are what make the world go round. Without them, everyone would be wandering around aimlessly. And the thing is, goals don’t have to be these huge, scary monsters. Tips on how to achieve goals include striving for realistic ones, making smaller goals, and being consistent.

Especially when starting out, making the goals realistic and achievable will encourage success. They can be as simple as making your bed 5 days in a row, or waking up 30 mins earlier just to walk the block.

It also helps to have smaller goals so to reach the ultimate goal. For instance, if you desire to become an early riser, one way to accomplish that is to gradually set the alarm earlier. The first week, wake up 10 minutes earlier. The second week, 20 minutes. And then the next week, 30 minutes. Before you know it, waking up early becomes natural. Gradually increasing your goal can also be applied to building muscles. Let’s say you’re trying to increase the number of pushups. Start with how much you can do, and add more reps. Pay attention to how the body is doing and determine how many pushups can safely be added to your workout time.

Most importantly, when going after goals, be sure to be consistent with your attempts. If only waking up early sometimes and doing pushups once in awhile, then the result occurs only sometimes. Work hard for your goals, and you won’t be disappointed with yourself. Instead, you will be happy with the progress, and that will inspire you to keep going.

Overall, achieving the goals that you have set up will change your life. It is SO GOOD to be able to finish what you set out to do!

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