Choe’s Hapkido halloween safety tip!

Choe's HapKiDo

Choe’s HapKiDo – Hey moms and dads! We’ve really hit Halloween month! And it’s also a great time to start going over safety guidelines with your kids. As you know, Halloween is a great event of fun, but because we’re hanging out on the streets and possibly visiting unknown neighborhoods, it’s important to go over safety when dealing with streets, strangers, etc.

One area of safety that we’d like to dive into today is costumes. It can be a fun event to be out picking out attire with your kids. But as we browse ninja costumes and princess dresses, also keep a look out for different things that may interfere with their safety.

A Couple Safety Tips on Costume Choices:

1) Make sure costumes won’t catch on to anything or make your child trip.

A fitted costume will give you and your child confidence and relief that they can run around freely with no worry. Whether they’re just going door to door or running around for fun, a trip cause of clothing can end all fun.

2) And with masks, be sure they don’t block your child’s vision (peripheral too).

If masks are too big, or the eye slits are too narrow, they can really obscure vision. Not being able to see greatly can cause your child to run into something or again, trip.

We can have fun and be safe too!

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