Gwinnett HapKiDo Karate – Improve Your Balance


Gwinnett HapKiDo Karate helps to bring balance into your life. If you struggle with balance, coordination, and flexibility, then practicing the art that connects your inner strength to the outer strength will impact your life.

Our classes begin with 10-15 minutes of preparing the mind and warming up the body. Exercises include meditation, deep breathing techniques, and deep stretches from head to toe.

Those first 15 minutes of class become the foundation of your training. This is where you start to improve your breathing, flexibility,  agility, and coordination.

Next, you can expect to learn kicking techniques that involve a stable target and sometimes a moving target. This kind of target practice is great because you are usually working with someone that’s about the same belt level or higher. As the person holds a target up for you to practice, you do the same for him or her.

Following this segment, you next go over some rolling, flipping, and then finally everyone’s favorite —self-defense techniques!

Every part of our training is to make all of our students strong, respectful, focused, and confident. With training at Gwinnett HapKiDo Karate, you notice how different you move from day to day. If you trip, you fall with more grace because your training has taught you how to catch yourself. As you walk around the grocery store or the mall, you may find yourself looking at your surroundings more. Our students benefit from martial arts, and you can too!

At Gwinnett HapKiDo Karate, our students start from age 3 and up, and there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whether your child is shy or going through awkward teen years, martial arts makes the time of being a kid more enjoyable. Our adult students also enjoy our adult classes!

We hope you will come and enjoy the experience of Gwinnett HapKiDo Karate!