HapKiDo Karate – 6 Strategies to Eat Healthy All-Year

Choe’s HapKiDo Karate — For all occasions, there needs to be a healthy plan in place in order to keep the weight off. We’re talking about celebrations, parties, holidays, and even for everyday purposes. So regardless of what’s coming your way, you are still in control.

Here are several tips to help you stay on your healthy game.

1) If at a buffet, as a lot of celebrations and holidays do, select a small plate to fill. A lot of the times, we really just want a taste of every thing. The first two bites are great and just enough for satisfaction.

2) Fill the half of a plate with fruits and veggies. One half of the plate will be filling and healthy, and the other side can be your treats. But at parties and gatherings, you can guarantee most of the veggie trays are left untouched and least crowded around.

3) If concerned about stuffing your face at the party coming up, eat a small, healthy snack or meal before going. Have your meal be high on lean protein to give you great energy. This way, your body isn’t vulnerable to cravings.

4) Eat slow. It’s a known fact that when we eat fast, we don’t register when we’re full and end up overeating.

5) Drink your water. Did you know? Hunger pains and being thirsty share similar symptoms. Except, when we’re feeling a bit peckish, it can actually mean we are thirsty. So, try drinking a glass of water before your meal. This will hit that hungry feeling, and it may prevent you from overeating.

6) Buy healthy foods, so they are the only things you are eating at the house and packing as snacks. It’s easier to consume healthier foods when the pantry and fridge are stocked with them!

Think of these tips more like strategies to keep up your sleeve as secret weapons. We get it! The moment we start a new diet or new attempts to be healthy, challenges start coming our way.

Remember to stay strong. Also keep in mind why you started, and why these goals are important to you. And for those days we mess up, it’s important to forgive ourselves and to take action to do better.

And if all else fails, just come to a martial arts class or a martial arts class, and blow off 700-900 calories in one go! All is forgiven in here! 😀

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