Hapkido martial arts – Halloween Tip #2

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Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts – Hey awesome parents! As Halloween is only a couple short weeks away, be sure to find time to discuss safety procedures. It’s the kind of holiday that is full of fun and excitement from dressing up and checking out the candy haul, but it also requires us to try to make it through the whole thing safely. Last week, we shared about the importance of making sure the costume fits snug so it won’t cause your child to trip or to be blind (if wearing a mask).

Today, we share with you a second Halloween Safety Tip. Another way to stay safe during this Halloween season is to pay attention to our surroundings. So that means being proactive by putting away things that may distract us like our phones and other devices.

We highly recommend this tip because anything can happen within a couple seconds. To have undivided attention during something like Halloween could make a difference.

What’s great about this tip is that you and your family can start practicing this technique wherever you go. Whether that’s dropping kids off to school, watching them at the park, or going shopping, avoiding to look at the phones and tablets allows everyone to be more alert of their environment. Plus, your kids will have a vote of confidence knowing that their parents are watching out for them.

We understand there are lots of exciting videos and social media friends to check out. But sometimes the phones/devices don’t hold high importance compared to other times in our lives such as needing to watch over the kids. Devices can be replaced whereas we cannot with the people we love.

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