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I Love Martial Arts Georgia – If you are not feeling great about yourself, stop for a second and take a look at who and what you’re surrounded by. Something as little as being next to someone who constantly complains or an environment that is cuthroat competitive can fill a place with negativity. If the environment and people are negative, chances are you’ve caught it, too.

We are our best when positive. When we’re surrounded by things like unsupportive people or an environment where we stop growing, we end up depressed, angry, etc. As a result, we take out the repressed feeling on people who may not deserve it. The solution? Change your environment.  

And ifyou are in a season of talking negatively about yourself (which we all have been there), you also need to change your surroundings. Even if that’s just changing scenery for a little bit. Take a break from the office and step outside. Go for a walk or a drive to a nearby park.

You don’t have to, but it sure helps to be surrounded by a positive, thriving environment where people are wanting to help others improve. And that’s why we LOVE doing Martial Arts! The people here are the most supportive bunch, and we’re always bringing out the best in one another.

This is how life should be!

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