Martial Arts Johns Creek

Johns Creek Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults!

Johns Creek Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

Johns Creek Martial ArtsChoe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy specializes in Kids Karate Classes, Adult Martial Arts Classes, Tai Chi Training , and even fun Kickn’ Karate Birthday Parties in Johns Creek Georgia!

Choe’s HapKiDo Johns Creek Martial Arts Academy gives students an opportunity to experience all aspects of martial arts training through the classes that we offer. Students also get an opportunity to challenge themselves with our demonstration team, leadership teams, and championship competitions!

When you first visit our school you will see the most state of the art and safest karate equipment. Our practice area is ideal for self defense practice, sparring, and rolling as well as being safe so that our students feel comfortable as they learn new techniques!

Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts of Johns Creek and Alpharetta believes in providing a safe and clean environment that will allow our students to get the most of our award winning program!

Martial arts can truly change your life as it has for many others!

Kids gain Confidence through Johns Creek Martial Arts

Confidence Improves Grades! Kids ask their teachers more questions about school work, speak up when they need something, and get noticed more. Confidence helps them to believe in themselves which motivates them to do their best in and out of school.

Without it, they tend to be timid, unwilling to try new things, and not as happy as they should be.

Confidence Improves Play! Confident kids are outgoing kids. They are easy to get along with, play better with other children and earn the respect of their peers.
Confident Kids Are Happy Kids! When your child believes in themselves and is exceling in everything along with having the respect of their friends, they are happier.
Martial arts connect you to your physical and mental inner strength and help you achieve success on your terms.

These benefits explain why so many adults are turning to martial arts instead of going to traditional gyms and health clubs.


Johns Creek Martial Arts improves success for adults!

adults martial arts johns creek
The #1 Reason Students Enroll into Martial Arts: Their Lives are Transformed!
As soon as you begin your martial arts journey, you begin to use your body in new ways. You’ll know how to defend yourself but you’ll also develop greatly improved flexibility and physical strength. And of course, students lose weight quickly and safely.
Our adult martial arts students at Choe’s Hapkido Martial Arts Academy enjoy martial arts as an alternative to the overpriced gyms and health clubs.
When you come to see us, you become a part of a community of like-minded people who enjoy everything that martial arts has to offer. Our students come from all walks of life and they practice a wide range of martial arts.
In over 25 years of martial arts, we’ve worked with hundreds of adults. The transformation that takes place as my adult students start to tackle martial arts is truly remarkable.
People come to us who are confused, unfit and lacking confidence.
After just a few lessons they begin to develop:
– Inner and Outer Strength
– A New Sense of Peace and Calm
– New and Improved Posture
– Improved Physical Health