Keep the Holiday Stress Down with Shape Up Kickboxing!

Shape Up Kickboxing
Shape Up Kickboxing

Worried about the holiday gain this year? The kickboxing instructors at  Shape Up Kickboxing Georgia are here to coach anyone interested in shaping up for the holidays. This bag-hitting-adrenaline-rushing workout is incredible for anyone who wants to trim off the weight, to tone up the muscles,  and to be excited about going to workout.

With all of the occasions that pop up this time of year, adding a little kickboxing into the mix of festivities allow individuals to be in more control of weight gain. As a result of the Shape Up Kickboxing Georgia program, an individual can expect to gain confidence for holiday portraits, and to feel fabulous in any outfit.

Members experience better results when they come to class 1-3 times a week. The best part? Every person at Shape Up Kickboxing has a goal s/he wants to meet. And success happens when fellow kickboxers are working together. We help keep each other motivated.

For some people, especially during the business of the holidays, it is difficult to maintain the habit of working out. One of the few factors that Shape Up Kickboxing at Flowery Branch offers that help to keep accountable is a sense of community. The members love the opportunity to receive consistent help from the kickboxing instructors and to workout with incredible members as steady workout partners.

In additon to the grown kickboxing community, the members also enjoy having accessibility to our equipment, space, and sound system make for a great gym.

Getitng ready for the holidays? Check out Shape Up Kickboxing at Flowery Branch for more details on classes and special holiday deals!