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Kids Have Goals at Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts!

Teaching Kids How to Set Goals at Lawrenceville Kids HapKiDo Martial Arts

-Reaching the goals we set is a secret to succeed in life-
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One of the best feelings in the world is when parents see their children attain the goals that they had set out to do. At Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts, we share that proud feeling with the parents because we become a part of their lives. A lot of us instructors are also parents, and we understand those special moments when our kids reach their goals on their own.

In addition, we feel that sense of pride with the parents because we know that we helped the child learn how to set and reach goals, which is an important life skill.

Lawrenceville Martial Arts Belts!
Lawrenceville Martial Arts Belts!

If not addressed early on, kids will have trouble setting and reaching goals in the long-run

The Lawrenceville Kids HapKiDo Martial Arts specializes in teaching kids how to apply their mind, body, and attitude. What they learn here isn’t like any other sport or activity.

5 Steps to Have Your Child Learn How to Successfully Set and Reach Goals

Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts
Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts

1) Your child must envision their goal that they truly desire.
First of all, when your child comes to Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts, s/he is surrounded by upper belts, students who are higher in skill. But the cool thing? They all started where your child is starting. Plus, they see where they are at, and they see what they get to do when they advance. But the key is to never cease in trying.

2) They must understand how to set and reach a reasonable goal, and the idea of short-term and long-term goals.  

Your child will learn what’s a reasonable goal to set. They learn how big to make it and how much time to give themselves. By having them see that each belt reached is a part of a bigger goal, they come to value the efforts of doing good, quality practice.

Lawrenceville Martial Arts Georgia
Lawrenceville Martial Arts Georgia

3) One of Our Musts: Your child needs to understand that reaching goals is about how hard they work. 

Oftentimes, kids tend to wait around for someone to throw the ball before they attempt to catch it. What they take away from our martial arts program is how their actions affect their outcomes.

At Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts, kids are constantly motivated to keep up the hard work. Plus, being around the instructors creates a positive environment for them.

4) People will help you achieve it.
An important lesson, the journey to Black Belt cannot be done alone. Most importantly, the concept is the same when trying to reach big life goals. In addition, your child will experience receiving help from their parents, siblings, peers, instructors, and others who come their way. They experience how we all work together. Furthermore, they receive guidance, but they are also a part of others’ success.

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Lawrenceville Kids’ Goals

5) Be around positive role models.
And finally, the instructors and peers create a positive environment that anybody would feel comfortable to joining. When we see that others before us have accomplished what we are working towards, we become confident to follow them.

For us instructors, it’s important to set a good example. We aim to guide them the best way possible, so that they can experience what Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts has to offer.

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Additional Benefits to Lawrenceville Kids Martial Arts Training include—

Becoming bully proof by learning self-defense

A healthy self-esteem

Increased concentration and focus skills

Getting into great shape

Gaining confidence

And much much more!