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Losing Weight with Adult Martial Arts Lawrenceville

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Martial Arts is the Best Way to Lose Weight!

Within a week of taking classes at Choe’s HapKiDo Adult Martial Arts Lawrenceville, you will burn fat fast and start seeing the results.

Have You Ever Experienced the Following Effects:

  • Trouble staying awake throughout the day?
  • Your clothes don’t fit the same way anymore?
  • Stress spreading to other areas of your life?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • The kids are hard to keep up with?

Believe us when we say this—we have been there before. You are not the only one out there struggling with all of this!

But did you know? 30 minutes of martial arts burns 360-900 calories? Which is way more than half an hour in any other kind of physical activity? This includes aerobics, biking, hiking, swimming, wrestling, and more.

Lawrenceville Martial Arts Family
Lawrenceville Martial Arts Family

How Does Adult Martial Arts Lawrenceville Improve Your Overall Health?

Martial arts hits the three target areas in order to live a healthy life: stress level, burned calories, and the level of healthiness.

Be excited and expect more from your experience:

  • Understand better your purpose in life
  • Less stress
  • A decrease in depression
  • Better heart health
  • Toned and well-developed muscles
  • Better sleep
  • An increase in flexibility and balance
  • Better hand-eye coordination

Here’s what the locals are saying:

“I’m a full-time assistant and a mom of 2 kids, and my stress level used to be too much. But I was lucky to have found Choe’s HapKiDo Adult Martial Arts Lawrenceville! With martial arts classes a few times a week, I am able to manage my stress better and be a better mom all around.” ~Lindsay Smith

“It’s incredible how much my life has changed with martial arts! I kept getting angry at all the wrong people because of work, but now I know better. Martial arts has taught me how to control my anger and to not sweat the small stuff.” ~José Rodiguez

Lawrenceville Martial Arts
Lawrenceville Martial Arts

Here’s the secret of how to use martial arts to lose weight.

Martial arts has been handed down from generation to generation, and dates back to thousands of years. When it was first branching out, the people of Eastern Asia didn’t have computer or advanced technology to rely on. It was part of the culture to live healthy so to avoid being overweight and to become sick from it.

Within years or maybe even centuries, these people figured out how and what kinds of movements kept people strong and healthy. That even when a little under the weather, we can move the body in special ways that helps it to recover.

Here’s what they have passed down to us:

  • How movement can detox the internal organs and glands
  • The positive effects of a strong heart and lungs
  • How the healthiness of the mind-body can keep off dementia as we age
  • Good coordination, balance, and flexibility are the key components to living longer
  • How to naturally maintain a healthy weight

This Study of Good Health Became “Martial Arts” to the Masters!