Martial Arts Duluth – Doing Your Best

Martial Arts Duluth

Martial Arts Duluth – We have all been in the situation where it’s nerve wracking to be the center of attention. Whether it was that solo, or the final few seconds of the game, we have all felt that pressure of a milion eyes. And that feeling can throw us off of our game.

In Martial Arts Duluth, one of the best lessons your child can learn is to do your best, regardless of the situation. Even if it’s just one pair of eyes or a thousand, it’s possible to not let the nerves get to him.

The reason why nerves get hyped up is because they start with worry and angst. And when we don’t resolve them, when we let them snowball, that’s when the butterflies in the stomach increase.

One way to instantly calm any nerves down is to steady the breathing. The moment we get angst, our hearts race, breathing gets shallow, and it’s noticeable when trying to speak. Ways to calm is to adjust the attitude. Why are you nervous? What’s the one thing you want to accomplish today?

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