Martial Arts duluth – Losing gracefully


MARTIAL ARTS DULUTH — Everyone has something that they wish that they could change about themselves. To be taller, short, skinnier, buff, curly hair, straight hair…you name it! But what’s great about characteristics is that we can grow in the areas desired.

One characteristic is dedication. According to Merriam Webster, dedication can be defined as “self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty.”

We see people grow in dedication towards their Martial Arts training, and it’s wonderful to see how someone can grow in this area. Especially when it comes to reaching goals, having this characteristic is SO IMPORTANT!

It’s easy to be dedicated to a goal on the good days. But what about the bad days? Just cause a day goes wrong, people tend to think that’s their cue to quit.

But guess what?! Those bad days are what sharpen you for the good days. I encourage if quitting a goal is tempting—just don’t do it. Find a way to get around it, or take a day to reset your priorities. Just don’t throw away all your wasted efforts based on feelings.

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