Mother’s Day Martial Arts Special

Mother’s Day Martial Arts Special! 

Hey, Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts here with a special tribute to all the MOTHERS & FEMALES in the world as we celebrate another well-deserved Mother’s Day!

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is and all too often, they don’t get the praise and recognition they deserve for their unconditional love, selflessness, multi-tasking, and tireless efforts.

If you’ve been feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or at your wit’s end when it comes to your physical health and fitness, your emotional well-being, or your spiritual growth…

Our Martial Arts classes are here to the rescue!

It’s an EXCELLENT way to get…

  • Tremendous focus, confidence & empowerment
  • Incredibly fit, toned and flexible
  • Increased self-control, discipline & determination
  • Quality time for yourself to de-stress and recharge
  • An awesome group of friends & positive circle of influence

To celebrate Mother’s Day, take 50% OFF any of the following programs:

  • Kids Martial Arts
  • Adult Martial Arts


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If you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get in shape, de-stress and be more calm, cool & collected…

Or to have a better attitude about your job or family life…

Or to just add some fun and excitement to your personal life…

Get ready to toss aside the many hats you wear and put on your pristine martial arts uniform or your goddess gloves because you’ll see some AMAZING changes in your life with our self-defense & fitness training!

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  • Empowering, life-changing classes
  • Fitness, self-defense, & stress relief
  • FREE Uniform
  • And a whole lot more!


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I’d hate to see you miss out on something so rejuvenating for yourself.

And remember… “A good mother is worth a hundred teachers.” – Italian Proverb

Happy Mother’s Day!


From Your Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Family!

P.S. If now isn’t a good time to treat your mind, body & spirit to something special; pay it forward to the women & girlfriends in your life who might be interested. You may be the gift they’ve been wishing for this Mother’s Day! =)