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Our Six Weeks Leadership Program at Choe’s HapKiDo Duluth Martial Arts!

You might spend a great amount of time thinking about what’s best for your child. And it’s normal! We all want our kids to be happy and to succeed. We want them to be strong leaders so to be able to make great choices.

Does your child struggle with leadership skills?

You may have heard about people being born as natural leaders, but the truth is that leaders are made! Leadership isn’t handed to someone straight out of the womb, but rather people earn their way to become great leaders.

Choe’s HapKiDo Duluth Martial Arts can help your child grow into a strong, confident individual through our 6 Week Leadership Program.

Our Leadership Program will teach you child transferable skills, skills that easily transfer to another medium. For example, if your child learns well how to focus on the incoming ball, s/he will be able to focus well in class. With Martial arts training, we teach all kinds of traits that contribute to being a great leader.

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-Positive Attitude-





To help parents and kids who are interested in developing leadership skills, we have broken down our 6 week program below.

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The kids at Duluth Martial Arts are ready for class!

The 6 Weeks of Our Leadership Program:

Week 1: After you sign up for your child with our new student special offer, schedule at least two classes a week.

Week 2: By the end of this week, your child will have learn several techniques. From this point, we will ask your child to choose a technique to teach the class in four weeks. This will give them time to perfect the technique.

Week 3: As your child continues to learn more self-defense techniques, your child will be able to observe how instructors guide a class from start to finish. S/he will get to observe how instructions are said, the tone of the instructor, and also the body language.

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Assuring her confidence level is the best!

Week 4: During this week and the next two, it’s important that your child does not miss any of their classes. We are here to remind them of their leadership technique, but we also need your help at home. Remind your child that his “presentation” is coming up, and you can practice together at home. This will grow his confidence, and s/he will thank you for it.

Week 5: Your child will get to demonstrate their leadership technique to their instructor and ask for feedback. S/he will also be able to watch other students guide the classes with their chosen techniques.

Week 6: Your child will be excited about this week! They will come up to the class and guide us on how to do their chosen technique. After a job well done, especially the last several weeks, the instructor proudly presents your child with a “Leadership Certificate” with a detailed feedback of his/her accomplishment.

Have your child try this program, and s/he will have taken the first steps into becoming an amazing, strong leader.