Self-Respect in Martial Arts at Choe’s HapKiDo

Self Respect in Martial Arts

Self Respect in Martial Arts at Choe’s HapKiDo – One of the things we see in martial arts that we LOVE: when students start respecting themselves. It’s easy to believe the negative talk others might say about us. We may also catch ourselves putting ourselves down or shooing away compliments, not realizing how it affects our self-esteem.

People come to our dojang for various reasons. The common factor is that they want to work on themselves. While some want to be more confident, others may wish to become more disciplined and focused. And while another person’s intentions is to become fit, another student’s goals may include to become a Black Belt. We get it. We all have things that make us insecure, but our members learn how to respect themselves through Martial Arts.

The beauty of martial arts is that you’re required to give yourself a chance. And not just once, over and over again. Everyday. Bad days, good days, it doesn’t matter. You’re having to push yourself to try to do your best. And at the end of every class, you see how much you’ve grown. From belt to belt, you see what you’re made of through learning Self Respect in Martial Arts 

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