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Snellville Martial Arts is the Best Place for Kids with ADD/ADHD!

Snellville Martial Arts

Snellville Martial Arts Instructors are the Best in Working with Students with ADD/ADHD

Martial arts requires much focus and control, and it is the perfect environment for your child with ADD or ADHD. It is a positive environment that is fast paced and requires the mind to focus on what the body needs to do.

The past experiences of having your child involved in a sport or an activity may have left a bad taste, but martial arts has centuries worth of experience in working with all kinds of students. In the past, the volunteer parents and teachers may have had difficulty working with your child, but our martial arts instructors are experts in connecting with all students.

Snellville Martial Arts
Snellville Martial Arts

Snellville Martial Arts Will Help Your Child Learn How to be in Self-Control.

As we have come to know personally from our kids with ADD or ADHD, we have also come to know what their parents have learned about the ups and downs of applying behavior modification to kids. As parents, we work with our and other kids so to help them learn self-control. When they start making progress in self-control, they see that they can do any activity desired.

Snellville Martial Arts is the Best Environment for Your Child.

Martial arts has come a long way from the last hundreds of years through trial and error. Before there was discovery in medicine and suggestions of how to treat  ADD/ADHD symptoms, martial arts masters were able to find helpful ways to connect with their students.

Snellville Martial Arts Kids
Snellville Martial Arts Kids

At Snellville Martial Arts, You Can Expect:

Passionate and Dedicated Instructors

Three Ways of Learning: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic

Patience and Guidance

Action and Fun

Even when we are practicing exercises that require to be still, your child will enjoy doing those.

For a child, being still is hard. We were there once! And now, it is our turn to supervise and hope that they will be calm and still.

When they are asked to sit and meditate, they are taking notice of their breath, thoughts, and the goal of bringing to mind of the day’s ambitions. So even while they are sitting still, they are still being active. Meditation helps them connect with their inner thoughts and to better understand the world.

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Snellville Martial Arts Kids

Other Benefits of Martial Arts Training:

  • A healthy view on self-respect and respect for others.
  • The ability to be in self-control, to sit still, and to be patient.
  • Confidence and succeeding in goals.
  • The motivation to always do their best.
  • Being honest, even if no one is watching.
  • Strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and good reflexes.
  • A healthier heart and lungs.

Living with ADD or ADHD as a child may have greatly affected your lives, but together we can over come it. And together, we can give your child the tools to success.