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Bio Instructor Spotlight: Bresha Anderson

Hello! I am Instructor Bresha Anderson at iLoveKickboxing Atlanta! My background experience includes a strong passion for fitness and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and nutrition from Georgia Southern. On a daily basis, I greatly enjoy focusing on sharpening my skills as a kickboxing instructor. Working with our kickboxers provides a daily opportunity to share my passions with others: I love working out and helping others reach their fitness goals.

My relationship with learning how to love working out developed throughout my freshman year in college. At that point in my life, I would describe myself having not been too fit. Throughout high school, I was physically active in dance and cheerleading, but I did not learn how to stay healthy. It is thanks to my roommate in college who taught me how to train, lift weights, and do cardio to stay fit. As a result, I successfully lost 20 pounds during my freshman year.

Being a kickboxing instructor is a way to make a difference in the world. At iLoveKickboxing Atlanta, I enjoy getting to know the people who come to class. It is a joy to learn more about them and to be able to personalize their experience. Like me, they are here to make healthy changes to their lives, and I can help them find solutions.

If I learned anything from the past years, it is to not sweat the small stuff. Especially when trying to stay with our goals, we may run into bad days. But it is important to let it go and focus on better days to come.


Dog- Yorkie Poo- Skye

Hobbies- cycling, read, draw, write, and yoga

Colors- purple and black

Life Long Goal- Start a fitness program that could reach out to low-income families

Bio Instructor Spotlight: David Caine

Kickboxing Atlanta Instructor David Caine

Kickboxing Atlanta
Kickboxing Atlanta

David Caine

Hi! I am Instructor David Caine at i Love Kickboxing Atlanta! I started teaching fitness kickboxing because helping people to reach their goals feels good. I think the art of kickboxing is incredible in the way that the techniques flow together, and teaching is a great way to channel my passion for fitness.

A little about me:

My fitness background includes nine and a half years of MMA (Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu), and six and a half years of kickboxing. By having exercise become a part of my life, I have been able to meet amazing people and have increased my energy and focus levels. Continuing to be the best I can become feels the greatest.

I believe that I can make an impact on people’s lives because fitness is part of my life every day. We need to take time to realize how important we are and let that be our motive. When we make health a priority, we increase the quality and the longevity of life. People need to think about how there are consequences from everything we do. When we hit fifty, do we want to be struggling with getting up or still be running laps around the world. I hope to help people on their journey and share with them the joy fitness has brought me.

To anyone who fears to get out there and make changes in his life, they do not mean that we are inadequate. We are powerful beyond measure, and a lot of time it is our light that most frightens us. Playing small does not serve the world as we were all meant to shine as children do. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. And as we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others. So to do great, do not fear to do so because the light will shine through our fears.


Favorite workout music: Hip-Hop

Favorite Band: A Day to Remember

Favorite Colors: Black, white, and grey

Hobbies: Mountain biking

Professional life goal: Own multiple businesses

Life Goals: Travel and to ride the world’s tallest zip line

Go 20’s with iLoveKickboxing’s Great Gatsby DJ Night!

Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing Class

—Flappers and Gentlemen Kickbox!

Atlanta—After all of the holiday partying, pump up those New Year’s resolutions with iLoveKickboxing’s Great Gatsby DJ Night. The party being hosted during one or two of daily kickboxing classes on January 11th, check out an iLoveKickboxing near you for the class times. With a live DJ in the house, the flappers and gentlemen can fabulously kickbox to 20’s tunes.

Each month, the nationwide kickboxing crew hosts fun DJ nights, each with a different theme. From Atlanta Kickboxing Instructor David Caine, “The best part of DJ night is mixing it up and feeling like you’re at a club while workout out!”

As Instructor David also describes, “I always look forward to the creative costumes members wear!” While one month everyone will show up in football jerseys, another month everyone will show up in tacky sweaters. And if someone is new, s/he may be surprised to be sharing a large punching bag with Batman.

iLoveKickboxing is sweeping the nation with the motivation to share the wonders of kickboxing. People all around the states are experiencing incredible weight-loss journeys. Other results include toning up muscles and increasing confidence levels.

For more information on iLoveKickboxing, visit www.ilovekickboxing.com

Boost Self-Esteem with I Love Kickboxing!

bhkb6Depression. Anxiety. Tired. Jealousy. Loathing. Hatred. Stressed.

How many times have you been stopped by your emotions?

Similar to how scratching a rash makes it worse, wallowing in these emotions harm individuals. We have all been there, letting our emotions get the best of us. Sometimes they get so bad that they suck all the energy out of your body. But as much as it sucks to be told that “happiness is an inside job,” it’s true. Especially on a day when you’re feeling negative, a positive quote like this might make you wince or want to punch a wall. The quote sounds too simple, but the same mind can also produce happiness in addition to the negative ones.

Although emotions are vulnerable to outside sources,—money, people, jobs, hobbies—they can be controlled. It takes practice and hard work to not cave into the negative emotions, but the right kind of influence makes it easier: find a new job, change who you hang out with, and/or attempt something new. Whatever it is that’s holding you back from being happy, you might find the reason when trying to improve your life. By simply making a goal and finding inspiration to fuel motivation, you will be able to treat whatever is going on inside your head.

Our studios help people.

I Love Kickboxing is here to help people blow off steam and increase their self-esteem. With a boost in confidence from reaching fitness goals,—and people will break a sweat while doing it!—they see what they are capable of. And to us, when we see that, it confirms even more how accessible, affordable, and fun fitness can change lives!

For more information on I Love Kickboxing, visit here.


Written by: Christie McGowan

I Love Kickboxing – We’re Just Like You!

bhkbWhen you’re in the midst of deciding to pick back up with exercise, remember to also be kind to yourself. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves for errors that we consider responsible for. At some point in life, we have all heard that we’re responsible for our actions. As much as this is true, the fitness battle is better when you can surround yourselves with positive guidance.

At I Love Kickboxing, us instructors are here for you every step of the way. The fitness journey is tough, but we make it a living to help people reach their goals. We know the struggle because we are just like you! We have all struggled with weight loss and other health challenges, and we are able to help others with similar struggles. And believe it or not, we are always striving for other fitness goals. We are here to guide for your benefit!

Please don’t hesitate to approach us with questions and concerns.

For more information on I Love Kickboxing, visit here.

Fitness Challenges: You Become a Better Person! – I Love Kickboxing

bhkb4I Love Kickboxing is looking forward to a new year of being a part of your transformation! For whatever happened last year, let’s make this year the best ever experienced. And for any fitness challenge, we are here for support and coaching!

“To become fit” challenges everything about a person. Not only does an individual train physically, but mentally as well. In fact, what a person thinks can affect what s/he does next. For all those days of tempting to skip work out time or caving into old eating habits, a person also develops mental toughness for every negative thought overcome.

When struggling to go to the gym or a kickboxing class, it is great to try to counteract with positive thinking; however, it is even better when the reasons for the negative idea are solved. For example, detected reasons to wanting to skip exercise include feeling tired or stressed from school/work, having no ride, feeling cozy, having muscle soreness, and/or having no time. Whatever the excuse, they can feed into negative reasons of why someone would want to skip a work out day. It is not bad to skip a day here and there to give your body a break, but to cave in once tells the mind that it is fine to replicate.

Overcoming negative thoughts are not easy, and sometimes it takes every ounce to push self forward – but it will be worth it in the long run!

For any questions about I Love Kickboxing, visit here.

Written by: Christie McGowan

Get Back Into Shape with I Love Kickboxing!


As a kid, staying in shape was mindless because fun came from running around all the time. But as we grew older, life threw fast balls that changed our lives. Regardless of the changes, we eventually arrive to the point where exercising is mandatory to maintain health and to look good. This phase of life is a real struggle for all sorts of people, but finding fun exercise rids all negativity at play.

At I Love Kickboxing, an infinite number of individuals find kickboxing enjoyable. If it’s not from the blasting, upbeat music that drives the mood to take it out on a gigantic punching bag, then it must be from the awesome kickboxing community – from instructors to peers! In addition to these perks, others have found that including I Love Kickboxing as part of their lives has given them back their life, or a new found energy to take on a new one. I Love Kickboxing keeps off and sheds the unwanted weight, tones up the body, and only makes people look incredible!

You may have been fit in high school, but I Love Kickboxing can make you look and feel better than ever! Check out our kickboxing program here!