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I Love Martial Arts Georgia – Who We Are

Choe’s HapKiDo helps people of all sorts. Especially if you have finished school, or find yourself stuck in life, this place provides great distraction. There is always something to look forward to, and you are definitely not wasting time when learning an ancient martial art while also becoming part of a cool community.


First, there are the peers. You bow in and out of class together, you help each other improve, and you even fight each other – in the most respectful way possible! You develop respect for everyone, and you learn to work with all kinds of people.

Then there are the parents. Whether it is your parent or somebody else’s, you still connect. As your peer’s parents are watching their kid(s), they have been watching you too.

Class would not be the same without the assistant instructors. These students drive the class, induce positive energy, and provide a good example of what to work towards.

And of course, everyone likes the instructors and the head instructor. These people influence everyone around them. They always have good advice.

HapKiDo events add to the warm quality of the community. Meeting founder Grandmaster Choe and HapKiDo students from other branches is always fun. From belt tests to competitions, meeting other people who also share your martial arts passion is eye opening.

These people become a part of your life in the best way possible. You see them so often, that you cannot help but to like them all.

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Your Best Can Grow! – Georgia Martial Arts


Thought of the day – Always do your best, and your best will grow. Especially if you keep practicing, what you can do increases. What was your best last time, might look different today…the quality has most likely changed in the best way possible.

This idea can be seen between belt tests demonstrated at the studios of I Love Martial Arts Georgia. While the first belt to be accomplished requires an individual to show basic techniques, the belt and onwards slowly add advanced skills. More knowledge and moves are taught and your mind and body must learn to function all. As one might perform at a decent level at one belt test, he/she could perform extraordinary at the next one because of more practice. And overtime, the abilities expand and then the level of applying your best is more demanding because you have graciously gotten better.

So, the more you grow, the better you become!

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The Benefits of Karate Classes – Georgia Martial Arts

**Why HapKiDo Classes Could Be the Coolest Gift Ever?**


1. It Shows an Individual That You Don’t Have to be the Greatest Athlete to Begin With

HapKiDo Karate is all about training to be your best. All the exercises are meant for making individuals stronger physically and mentally. This sport allows a student to go at his/her own pace while learning new things every day in training. And by being in a positive environment filled with encouragement, students excitedly improve in confidence, focus, perseverance, and more!

2. It lets individuals see what they are capable of.

After a couple of weeks in class, new students at Choe’s HapKiDo see that their bodies can do more than just walking and running. Soon, they are kicking different kicks, tumbling like a gymnast, and starting to defend like a ninja!

3. Great hands-on experience that good work can be achieved through hard work and perseverance!

Between each belt test, students experience the rewarding efforts of advancing in HapKiDo martial arts. Through our program, they learn multiple lessons from each day in class. Students of all ages (from children to adults) are sharpening their skills to improve physically and mentally. They all see how everything comes together when both of these aspects are connected.

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Written by: Christie McGowan