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Shred Your Ex! – Valentine’s Day Kickboxing Event





The Anti-Valentine’s Day that You Won’t Want to Miss.

Atlanta — Hosted by iLoveKickboxing all around the states, the annual Shred Your Ex is going down on Monday February 13th. Kickboxers look forward to this event every year. With a live DJ in the house, the last two classes encourage the kickboxers to bring a picture of their ex lovers, bosses, and anything that make them angry and tape it to a kickboxing bag. Then, the kickboxers have at it.

With the high energy music blasting from the DJ table, people all around the studio are shredding the visual in front of them. Their hooks, upper cuts, and roundhouses have never been better. Plus, the workout is a high-calorie crunching hour.

According to Instructor RJ LoPresti from iLoveKickboxing Cumming, “It’s awesome to see what people will bring in for the evening. In the past we’ve had fun ones taped to the bags like highway traffic and burpees.”

From Instructor Dan Wilson from iLoveKickboxing Lawrenceville, “Part of kickboxing classes is to try to visualize a person when applying certain punches and kicks to the bags. Shred Your Ex is a great way to motivate our kickboxers to enjoy working out too.”

iLoveKickboxing looks for different ways to make working out exciting, and monthly DJ nights is one of them. With a different theme each month, kickboxers can look forward to dressing in disco attire one month and camo wear the next month. Regardless of the theme, the people can look forward to the anti-Valentine’s Day every year.

Fitness kickboxing has become a popular sensation around the United States. It is  a workout that allows people to enjoy cardio and high interval training, while the whole process remains fun. This type of program is a great way to encourage anyone to start on goals and to remain physically active.

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Go 20’s with iLoveKickboxing’s Great Gatsby DJ Night!

Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing Class

—Flappers and Gentlemen Kickbox!

Atlanta—After all of the holiday partying, pump up those New Year’s resolutions with iLoveKickboxing’s Great Gatsby DJ Night. The party being hosted during one or two of daily kickboxing classes on January 11th, check out an iLoveKickboxing near you for the class times. With a live DJ in the house, the flappers and gentlemen can fabulously kickbox to 20’s tunes.

Each month, the nationwide kickboxing crew hosts fun DJ nights, each with a different theme. From Atlanta Kickboxing Instructor David Caine, “The best part of DJ night is mixing it up and feeling like you’re at a club while workout out!”

As Instructor David also describes, “I always look forward to the creative costumes members wear!” While one month everyone will show up in football jerseys, another month everyone will show up in tacky sweaters. And if someone is new, s/he may be surprised to be sharing a large punching bag with Batman.

iLoveKickboxing is sweeping the nation with the motivation to share the wonders of kickboxing. People all around the states are experiencing incredible weight-loss journeys. Other results include toning up muscles and increasing confidence levels.

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Get Ready for iLoveKickboxing’s Nationwide Ugly Sweater DJ Party

Kickboxing Atlanta
Kickboxing Atlanta

Bring out the colorful sweaters and the punching bags for this Kickboxing Atlanta workout!

iLoveKickboxing is throwing an Ugly Sweater DJ Kickboxing Party for December 15th.  The class times are different for each location. Expect to find a DJ Party at the following locations: Kickboxing Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Cumming, and Duluth.

The DJ nights are events that members look forward to each month. According to Kickboxing Instructor Daniel Wilson, “The DJ nights are a way for us to congratulate our members on their hard work, while showing them that fitness is fun.”

For this month’s theme, the kickboxers and martial artists alike are looking forward to kickboxing it out in their fuzzy, colorful sweaters with a live DJ. The feel is like being at a rave with large punching bags. If a person puts her muscles to work, she can burn over 1,000 calories.

Whether a person shows up in a puffy cat sweater or in comfy workout wear, the instructors and members assure everyone that it will be a great party. People are able to workout, jam out to live music, be social, and be closer to achieving their fitness goals.

For more information on iLoveKickboxing, visit www.ilovekickboxing.com