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Bio Instructor Spotlight: David Caine

Kickboxing Atlanta Instructor David Caine

Kickboxing Atlanta
Kickboxing Atlanta

David Caine

Hi! I am Instructor David Caine at i Love Kickboxing Atlanta! I started teaching fitness kickboxing because helping people to reach their goals feels good. I think the art of kickboxing is incredible in the way that the techniques flow together, and teaching is a great way to channel my passion for fitness.

A little about me:

My fitness background includes nine and a half years of MMA (Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu), and six and a half years of kickboxing. By having exercise become a part of my life, I have been able to meet amazing people and have increased my energy and focus levels. Continuing to be the best I can become feels the greatest.

I believe that I can make an impact on people’s lives because fitness is part of my life every day. We need to take time to realize how important we are and let that be our motive. When we make health a priority, we increase the quality and the longevity of life. People need to think about how there are consequences from everything we do. When we hit fifty, do we want to be struggling with getting up or still be running laps around the world. I hope to help people on their journey and share with them the joy fitness has brought me.

To anyone who fears to get out there and make changes in his life, they do not mean that we are inadequate. We are powerful beyond measure, and a lot of time it is our light that most frightens us. Playing small does not serve the world as we were all meant to shine as children do. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. And as we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others. So to do great, do not fear to do so because the light will shine through our fears.


Favorite workout music: Hip-Hop

Favorite Band: A Day to Remember

Favorite Colors: Black, white, and grey

Hobbies: Mountain biking

Professional life goal: Own multiple businesses

Life Goals: Travel and to ride the world’s tallest zip line

I Love Kickboxing – We’re Just Like You!

bhkbWhen you’re in the midst of deciding to pick back up with exercise, remember to also be kind to yourself. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves for errors that we consider responsible for. At some point in life, we have all heard that we’re responsible for our actions. As much as this is true, the fitness battle is better when you can surround yourselves with positive guidance.

At I Love Kickboxing, us instructors are here for you every step of the way. The fitness journey is tough, but we make it a living to help people reach their goals. We know the struggle because we are just like you! We have all struggled with weight loss and other health challenges, and we are able to help others with similar struggles. And believe it or not, we are always striving for other fitness goals. We are here to guide for your benefit!

Please don’t hesitate to approach us with questions and concerns.

For more information on I Love Kickboxing, visit here.