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Father-Son and Mother-Daughter Karate Buford Classes

As fun as it is watching your child grow up from the sidelines, the relationship between parent and child can be more intimate by bonding over super entertaining activities. You have most likely experienced this yourself, but spending time by having a mother-daughter/son day or a father-son/daughter day contributes to the bond emotionally for both sides. If there was a good time and lots of laughter, it is also a plus!

The next time you are looking for a mother-daughter or father-son activity, check out Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Buford.

At Karate Buford, some of the best memories are created.

trio3Father and son earn their Black Belts on the same day, and they were able to test in front of the Grandmaster on the day of Choe’s HapKiDo 2015 Summer Championship! Karate Buford and all other Choe’s HapKiDo schools from across the United States came together for one massive martial arts event. Overall, it was great bonding time for everybody, and it was super cool to meet students from other states who also practice what you love!

trioThis family trio are a few belts in, and they are experiencing the journey to Black Belt together! Here, they are moments away testing for their Green Belts! Karate Buford offers great classes for kids, teens, and adults! When families attend our family class, they see it as an opportunity to spend time with each other and squeeze in an excellent workout. They get to exercise with each other, help each other through self-defense, and have fun with one another. There is so much variety when it comes to hanging out at Karate Buford for a mom-daughter or a father-son outing.

trio2This family quartet make a beautiful, strong martial arts family portrait at Karate Buford!

All types of people and ages come through our door, and we offer family classes! While and you and your child are able to work with students of same age, there are also opportunities to work and progress together through our family classes. Plus, Karate Buford provides everyone a great workout for the mind and body.

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The Day of The Belt Test – Karate Buford


If not a spectator or an instructor helping out, the days leading up to the monthly Karate Buford belt tests play with the testers’ minds. Maybe the students feel indifferent at the beginning of the month, but when it is the week of the belt test, anticipation and nervousness increases. And the night before? Sleep may or may not have been missed. While numerous thoughts flood the mind, it is possible to go in to the belt test feeling clear headed. When rising up on the day of the belt test at Karate Buford, one can either wait for the time to pass, or use the time effectively and prepare. As a result of spending time to ready the mind, one can better his/her performance at Karate Buford by cultivating a positive mindset.

Things To Do the Day of the Belt Test at Karate Buford

Allot self generous time to prepare. Set aside enough time that will not feel rushed. Determine what all needs to be done and the time it takes to finish all. Do you need to eat? Get ready? Is your sparring gear packed? Do you have a secure ride?

Review concepts and terms. Not only do the belt tests  assess the physical aspect of students, but they also quiz their knowledge on martial art concepts and Korean martial arts vocabulary.

Meditate. As a Karate Buford  instructor might say, “Your breath is a reflection of your mind.” As one is sitting on the floor, there is something powerful about shutting the eyes. Suddenly, the mind can become aware of what is going on inside, and wash away the negative vibes. If the mind is wild like a loud, crashing ocean, there is an option to instead visualize the smooth, clear top of a serene lake. When the mind relaxes and concentrates on one’s breath, the mind can reach peace. Good things happen when the mind is cool and alert.

Warm-up. As the belt test presents itself as one big exercise to show off the students’ skills, it is wise to warm-up the body. Whether or home or by arriving early to the test center, preparing the body for action goes a long way.

On any given test, even beyond a belt test at Karate Buford, one wants to give it his/her all. At Karate Buford,  belt test days are big days for students. Karate Buford belt tests are an event that requires 100% effort. They also show students how everything in training comes together. By preparing the mind before test time, students can test their best.

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A positive atmosphere to learn Martial Arts Buford Ga

Buford Ga Martial ArtsMartial Arts is a great activity for residents in Buford Georgia to become involved in for countless different reasons.  Of course there are the physical benefits such as weight loss, improved endurance and strength, increased flexibility and coordination.  But some of the best and most sought after benefits of Martial Arts are non physical!  Character traits such as confidence, respect, honor, focus and humility are some of the invaluable traits that students can benefit from when participating in a Martial Arts program in Buford Ga.  One of the most important things people look for when searching for a Martial Arts School is the atmosphere at the school.  Are the Karate Instructors positive and encouraging?  Is the Martial Arts Training facility clean and safe?   Are the other martial arts students supportive and friendly?  These are all very important questions to ask when preparing to start the Black Belt journey!

In order to  learn the self defense and gain all the amazing benefits of HapKiDo you need to find a school of Martial Arts Buford Ga that has an environment that in conducive to learning!  The black belt instructors at Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Buford Ga are professionally trained on teaching our character development programs, HapKiDo’s world famous practical self defense methods, and on top of that they are trained on how to create an environment that will encourage personal growth and the growth of the community as a whole.  Unfortunately there are always going to be martial arts in Buford that are lacking in the development of a positive atmosphere, but this is such an important part of the Martialbuford martial arts classes Arts experience, especially for our kids martial arts programs!  Moms in Buford Georgia rave about the Martial Arts Classes at Choe’s HapKiDo.  It is so important that kids learn at a young age the importance of personal development, and become leaders among their peers.  Buford kids who take martial arts at Choe’s HapKiDo learn the importance of being their best, and always putting 100% effort into all things they do.  Learning this at a young age will give the student a jump start that will give them a boost in life!  At Choe’s Martial Arts Academy we strongly feel that if we empower people with the knowledge of how to develop themselves and those around them that we can create an exponentially growing movement of positive change in the Buford community and eventually the world!

Imagine if you will, a Martial Arts school that you felt safe attending, and was comfortable enrolling your children in a program there because you were confident that by attending class not only would you learn the physical side of Martial Arts and gain the character traits of being a Black  Belt, but also you and your family would be a part of a culture that promoted growth and learning in every area of your life!  How valuable would it be to be a part of such an organization?  When taking Classes at Choe’s Martial Arts Buford you are not only given a first class Martial Arts education in a state of the art training facility, but you also become a member of our family.

Come check us out on Facebook and see what everyone is raving about!  We would love to have you as a part of our school 🙂


Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Buford Georgia

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